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Linzhi mining company perplexed by Ethereum’s decision to block ASIC

On Tuesday, the Shenzhen-based miner manufacturer, Linzhi responded to the one-sided and ‘tentative’ decision made by the Ethereum developers to block ASIC, the specialized hardware from securing the platform in exchange for rewards.

Linzhi was shocked by the move stating clearly that they’ve rejected the “arbitrary enforcement of rules and request clear and equal guidelines to be established for all hardware makers.’’

Blocking ASIC would involve the application of ProgPoW, -a code change that is optimized for graphic card or GPU hardware, in an upcoming upgrade. Linzhi called upon the Ethereum developers to publish rules and requirements for what makes up a good ProgPoW ASIC maker.

On the 4th of this month, the developers held a meeting to discuss the changes that would result from the Istanbul and Constantinople hard forks, where they also looked into a proposal that was meant to upgrade the hashing algorithm, –the ProgPoW.

ProgPoW is being seen as an alternative Proof-of-Work algorithm that would cover the efficiency gap between ASICs and GPUs since it changes Ethereum’s underlying mining algorithm.


Currently Linzhi is designing a chip called Ethash for Ethereum’s mining algorithm. The company has spent approximately $4 million on Ethash’s production. Ethash seems to have better advantage compared to the former Ethereum ASIC designs.

Director of Operations Wolfgang Spraul further explained that the company will research the viability of creating specialized ASIC hardware for ProgPoW, according to his statement he said;

“I can publicly confirm today that we intend to study the feasibility, and then build, ProgPoW ASICs”.

Ethash will be more memory-heavy and its code switch will make GPU hardware competitive with ASICs.

According to reports Ethereum Classic went through a 51% attack that led to the reorganization of over 100 blocks. Because of this, the crypto exchange Coinbase put a halt to all Ethereum Classic transactions, withdrawals and deposits.

Ethereum classic announced that all exchanges and mining pools increase their confirmation over 400 blocks until the network is stable. The platform also claimed that the attack could have come from Linzhi, but Spraul said that the accusation was ‘’entirely baseless’’.

Alexis Von Loh
Alexis Von Loh
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