Ledger Stax Devices Hit the Market After 18-Month Wait

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  • Ledger has begun shipping its new ‘Stax’ device 18 months after its announcement. The pre-sale price was €279.
  • The device incorporates a Bluetooth chip, allowing wireless transactions from phones.
  • Stax stores private keys in a secure element and supports Qi wireless charging.

Ledger, the renowned French startup specializing in hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, has begun shipping its new ‘Stax’ device 18 months after its announcement. The new addition to the company’s product line has been highly anticipated by the community and comes with innovative features designed to enhance security and ease of use.

The Ledger Stax stands out for its E-Ink display, a technology frequently used in e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo. This screen is energy-efficient and offers excellent visibility and usability even in daylight. Notably, it is curved, and the challenges of producing it at scale have been partly responsible for the delayed launch.

The wallet also incorporates a Bluetooth chip, allowing users to initiate cryptocurrency transactions from their phones and validate them directly on the device, eliminating the need for cables.

During the pre-order phase, the Ledger Stax was sold for €279. Although the final retail price has not been announced yet, it is expected to remain competitive given its market positioning as a high-end product. The company plans to list the device on its website once sufficient stock is available to meet demand.

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Ledger Protects 20% of the World’s Crypto Assets

In terms of security, Stax continues the brand’s tradition of storing users’ private keys in a secure element within the device. This ensures that the keys never leave the wallet, providing additional protection against potential vulnerabilities in computers or phones. However, Ledger warns that while its technology can protect against direct attacks, users must remain vigilant against phishing attempts and social engineering scams, areas where education and caution are still essential.

Additionally, Ledger included integrated magnets in Stax that facilitate the alignment of multiple devices, and it supports Qi wireless charging for users looking to keep their devices organized and always ready to use.

The production of Ledger’s new wallet was carried out in collaboration with Foxconn, the well-known consumer electronics manufacturing company. Previously, devices were assembled in Vierzon, France, and while the Nano S Plus and Nano X models will continue to be manufactured there, the partnership with Foxconn aims to expand the company’s production capabilities.

With more than 6 million devices sold and securing approximately 20% of the world’s cryptocurrency assets, Ledger reinforces its position as a leader in cryptocurrency security solutions.


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