LaneAxis with its blockchain solution wants to help truckers do their jobs more autonomously

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We have seen how the blockchain technology is beginning to venture into service areas such as international logistics, changing the paradigms of paperwork for a safe, verifiable and immutable paradigm, more efficient and reliable. This same paradigm of paper still persists in the land transport sector and LaneAxis  proposes with its solution blockchain wants to help truck drivers to do their work more autonomously.

The global economy is sustained thanks to the transport of goods, whether they are transported by water, air or land. And land transport is the most expanded and indispensable, at the same time as the most unjustly considered.

Blockchan can decisively influence in that injustice change in favor of the truckers, who are the anonymous heroes of this part of the economy.

laneaxis blockchain and transport

In many ways, the activity of the transport industry continues to be carried out by paperwork and face-to-face contacts among the interested parties, in addition to bearing sensitive inefficiencies. Therefore among other reasons, many technology companies around the world have been actively working to improve transport logistics, developing alternatives and solutions.

It is appropriate to mention cases such as those of companies San Mateo’s Embark, Einride of Sweden and Volvo, who are developing prototypes of autonomous vehicles that will allow drivers to attend other situations of their business during the trip, and in turn in non-complex driving conditions, as long stretches of road that could be programmed for autonomous driving.

Even Uber, which launched its Uber Freight, an application for small and medium shippers to easily find carriers for their products. The issue of improving transportation conditions to make it safer and more efficient has been taken very seriously.

The blockchain platform of LaneAxis integrates the best of all the applications that have arisen so far with a general treatment approach to the problems that many of these applications have been dealing with individually.

Thanks to the company’s experience in the shipping and merchandise sector, the company has been able to develop a complete blockchain solution.

The LaneAxis platform stands out for allowing optimal route tracing, saving money, time and fuel at every step of the shipping process, with instantaneous and immutable data loading.

Smart contracts ensure automatic payments for freight and fuel, expedite the shipping process, provide detailed records of merchandise shipping manifests and all necessary documents, as well as ways to ensure that the procedures described in these documents were performed throughout the moment during the trip.

The platform has its own social network, the Driver Social Network (DNS), which connects drivers around the world. Users can share and access last-minute driving conditions in their areas, unlock special discounts and simply have fun while on those sites that often isolate long trips, explained company CEO Rick Burnett.

The great value of the platform lies in connecting directly to the community of shippers with the large community of carriers, at the base of a solution that pays exclusive attention to the needs of drivers.

LaneAxis compiles analytical data from the thousands of trucks in its network and maps the most optimal routes. On the other hand, carriers are assigned ratings based on delivery history to help users choose the most suitable carrier for their shipments.

LaneAxis works with its AXIS token, which will be launched in a public sale offer on September 21. The AXIS token is the utility token of the platform to enable all transactions within the LaneAxis ecosystem.

To learn more about this platform, we suggest you check its White Paper, as well as join at their Telegram channel to be updated about their ICO.


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