Here’s how Microsoft plans to tap the Metaverse realm

microsoft metaverso mesh

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, tweeted about the latest plans of his company for activities in the metaverse sector. It seems the tech giant has ambitious plans, and they start in the workspace sector with innovations for disrupting the online meetings first.

Microsoft can become a great player in the metaverse sector because of the numerous milestones it has achieved, especially in workspace management and tools.

The company has a huge user base, especially in the enterprise section. Most of them use the complete suite of tools and applications for workspace communications and also office tools.

Now the tech giant plans to move further and combine these services with the metaverse concept offering a new world.

Satya Nadella tweeted about the new world and plans of his company for this new era:

“The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room.”

The tweet comes with a video showcasing what Microsoft plans to offer as a metaverse solution. Nadella talks about the current state of the physical and digital world that are joining each other in many aspects. He says the metaverse can be the platform that connects these two worlds by bringing computing to the real world and integrating the real world with the computer version.

As the tweet says, the metaverse era will change everything from the factory floors to meeting rooms. In the new world, people can bring their complete presence to the digital world and freely select their type of interactions. Interacting with digital versions of real-world concepts isn’t limited to camera views, and people can really feel themselves in the spaces, factory floor, for example.

Mesh for Microsoft Teams is the name of a new product from the company that allows more real-looking meetings and interactions for users. Nadella believes this new product is the start of the metaverse journey for his company to offer a disruptive experience to users. The video continues with a sample of how Mesh will renovate the meetings and gatherings in a metaverse-like experience.

The metaverse concept has been in the tech world for quite a while. Many small teams and projects were talked about and worked on it. But when Facebook announced real plans to enter this sector and even rebranded to Meta, many more realized the potentials of this new world. Many metaverse tokens experienced price jumps, and now we see other big tech companies like Microsoft embracing it, too.