Hedera Transforms Crypto Access with MetaMask Integration: Unveils Wallet Snap for 30 Million Users

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The Hedera network took a crucial step in enhancing its accessibility by launching Hedera Wallet Snap, an innovative plugin developed by Tuum Technologies. Successfully integrated into MetaMask, the cryptocurrency wallet boasting 30 million monthly active users, this plugin represents a significant advancement for users and developers alike.

This integration, supported by the HBAR Foundation, allows seamless interaction with the Hedera network directly through MetaMask. Users can now enjoy enhanced features, such as sending HBAR to various addresses and checking token balances, all from the comfort of MetaMask. This anticipated implementation marks significant progress in Hedera’s interoperability and accessibility in the global blockchain ecosystem.

The new wallet is a custom plugin designed for MetaMask Snaps, MetaMask’s extensible plugin system. This integration enables developers to incorporate Hedera’s functionalities into applications built on MetaMask, providing expanded capabilities beyond the native features of these applications. The advantage lies not only in improving the user experience but also in streamlining processes for developers, a crucial step for the widespread adoption of decentralized technologies.

Kiran Pachhai, co-founder of Tuum Technologies, emphasizes the importance of the development: “It’s a sophisticated plugin that empowers developers to enhance the capabilities of their applications. This advancement is significant for integrating decentralized technologies into everyday applications.

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Hedera Will Enhance User and Developer Experience. Aims to Expand Its Global Reach

The collaboration between Hedera and Tuum Technologies, in line with the shared vision of the HBAR Foundation, is crucial for integrating Hedera’s functionalities into the MetaMask ecosystem. This integration not only benefits developers but also opens up opportunities for users and companies to interact directly with the Hedera network through MetaMask applications.

Shayne Higdon, co-founder and CEO of The HBAR Foundation, shares his vision for the integration: “This is a critical step, and we’re excited about the additional features and functionalities that will be announced. Today’s integration is a leap forward in Hedera’s interoperability, extending our network’s unparalleled scalability, speed, and energy efficiency to a broader global audience.”

Hedera Wallet Snap not only improves efficiency and accessibility but also eliminates the need for the Hedera JSON-RPC Relay. This simplifies the process for users to retrieve account information from both the Hedera Consensus Node and the Hedera Mirror Node, significantly enhancing the user experience. Users can easily send HBAR to both Hedera and EVM addresses, access their account information, and view token balances with greater ease.

This advancement is already available on MetaMask Open Beta and as a JavaScript NPM package on GitHub, accessible to developers and users alike. Detailed documentation provides comprehensive guidance on leveraging the new integration.


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