Getting Closer: Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF Listed on DTCC

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Fidelity Investments has finally succeeded in listing its Bitcoin ETF on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC). Identified by the symbol FBTC, this ETF took a crucial step toward official approval, generating positive expectations in the cryptocurrency market.

Fidelity’s decision to choose DTCC to list its Bitcoin ETF highlights the growing institutional acceptance of digital assets. This move follows the trend of other prominent players, such as BlackRock, who also opted for DTCC to list their crypto-related products. This pattern reinforces the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies within the conventional financial infrastructure.

The timing of the inclusion of Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF is noteworthy, coinciding with a period of high interest in these funds, driven in part by the rise in the price of Bitcoin. This increased interest led to widespread expectations regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decisions on various ETF applications, including Fidelity’s, with an approval deadline set for January 10.

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DTCC Backs Bitcoin ETFs

In a broader context, institutional acceptance of cryptocurrencies is supported by the central role of DTCC in providing clearing and settlement services for major exchanges, including NASDAQ. This institutional backing indicates a positive evolution in perception within traditional financial circles.

The regulatory environment is also undergoing significant changes, as evidenced in the Grayscale vs. SEC case, where the SEC was urged to expedite the approval of cryptocurrency ETF applications. This regulatory direction, coupled with the approval deadline scheduled between January 5 and 10, 2024, suggests a clear trend toward faster integration into the regulatory framework, potentially facilitating greater institutional participation in the market.

While Fidelity’s listing of the Bitcoin ETF was generally well-received, some criticisms and reservations persist in certain sectors regarding investment vehicles linked to cryptocurrencies. Despite these mixed opinions, Fidelity’s move represents a significant step toward the convergence of traditional finance and the crypto world.


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