Franklin Templeton Tokenizes $380M US Government Money Fund on Polygon and Stellar

Franklin Templeton Tokenizes $380M US Government Money Fund on Polygon and Stellar
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  • Franklin Templeton tokenizes his $380 million fund on the Polygon and Stellar blockchains for peer-to-peer transfers.
  • Franklin OnChain FOBXX investors can transfer the BENJI token directly to each other without intermediaries.
  • Franklin Templeton competes with BlackRock’s BUIDL fund in the tokenized asset niche, maintaining a 32% market share.

In a strategic move that marks a significant advancement in digital asset management, Franklin Templeton has announced the tokenization of its US Government Fund on the Polygon and Stellar blockchains.

This initiative allows Franklin OnChain FOBXX investors to make peer-to-peer transfers of the BENJI token without the need for intermediaries, making the movement of assets within the fund faster and easier.

The BENJI token operates as a secure digital representation of ownership in the Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund, recorded and tracked securely on a public blockchain, with accessibility currently extended across Polygon and Stellar platforms.

This initiative not only streamlines transaction processes, but also unveils avenues for enhanced liquidity and maneuverability in managing assets within the fund’s portfolio.

The competitive landscape with BlackRock’s Ethereum-powered BUIDL fund underscores the escalating significance of tokenized assets and blockchain-driven solutions within the financial sector.

While BUIDL has rapidly captured market share, Franklin Templeton remains firmly positioned with a 32% market stake, reaffirming its prominent role as a frontrunner in the realm of tokenized US Treasury assets.

Franklin Templeton Tokenizes $380 Million US Government Monetary Fund

Franklin Templeton Fund Tokenization Isn’t Just About Adopting Innovative Technology

It also aims to improve the interconnectivity and operational fluidity within the digital asset ecosystem.

By enabling peer-to-peer transfers of BENJI tokens, the company provides investors with increased independence and oversight of their investments, showcasing a dedication to innovation and responsiveness to dynamic market shifts.

Furthermore, this strategic maneuver underscores the ongoing evolution of the asset management sector towards solutions that are not only more efficient and transparent but also more accessible to a broader range of stakeholders.

With a focus on tokenization and blockchain technology, Franklin Templeton is not only positioning itself as a leader in this space, but also driving progress towards a more digitized and user-oriented financial future.


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