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Ethereum [ETH] Holders Can Now Shop On Several Online Stores

It is good news for the Ethereum Community as users can now shop on Amazon, eBay, Argos, SPORTSDIRECT.com, Zara, Boohoo, Mr Porter, PrettyLittleThing, and loads of other online stores using Ethereum’s native coin ETH. Ethereum’s acceptability is quickly growing and this is mainly due to the platform’s support for smart contracts.

According to Reddit, users can now buy ordinary goods, vouchers or gift cards using ETH on various online stores with the help of Bitstore.tech, one of the first UK shopping platforms for crypto shoppers. Users need to download the Chrome App in order to start shopping.

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Bitstore.tech is the fastest growing crypto shopping platform in the industry so far and it offers checkouts with more than 20 different digital currencies in various countries across the globe. The platform’s main aim is to create a world where digital currencies can be freely exchanges for goods and services. It offers several applications through which users can simply shop on their favourite stores using their digital wallets.

The platform is currently working with vendors in the UK such as Amazon, and is looking to expand on the other stores. Items purchased by users can be delivered to 36 different countries across the globe. Bitstore.tech custom delivery is offers to users in case their chosen UK vendor does not deliver to their specific countries.

How It Works

Users first need to choose a store that they’d like to shop from. To achieve this, users are required to login to their account on Bitstore, go to list of store pages, select where they’d like to shop and then click on the shop image. After doing so, the next step is to simply add the stuff or items they’d like to purchase on their cart.

Once the user is done shopping, they then click on ‘’Checkout via Bitstore’’. Clicking this button redirects them to the Bitstore website where they finish their order. Users then fill out the required information on the checkout page allowing the Bitstore team to process the order with accurate delivery and contact information. It is that simple. Users simply need to have an Ethereum digital wallet. Bitstore.tech hopes to get more vendors enabling cryptocurrency check out options soon.

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