Ethereum [ETH] Go is the 5th Fastest Growing Project on GitHub

The blockchain industry has had a downward trend since early this year due to the market correction but despite the following prices development activity seems to be shifting to a higher gear, and Go has had a great growth.

In GitHub’s latest statistics on the development projects on the platform, Ethereum’s Geth command line interface that allows miners to run full nodes on the Go implementation was ranked 5th fastest growing project on the platform. The project has grown 2X since the start of 2018.

The other projects that were ranked were Azure-docs from Microsoft Azure, pytorch from Facebook, godot from the GoDot Gaming Engine and nuxt.js, a JavaScript framework.

The data which was shared by GitHub’s Octoverse used the number of commits, forks, contributors and stars o rank the development activity within the platform,

  • Commits’ are changes or revision to the codebase of a project. Contributors are the individual accounts making any type of contribution to the code repository.
  • Forks, as used within the GitHub platform, are the number of copies of the code made by contributors who wish to edit the codebase.
  • The stars metric which is derived by the number of accounts that have marked the repository as being of interest and are willing to keep updated with its development.

Go implementation was ranked 5th fastest growing project

The Ethereum ecosystem has registered over 250,000 developers. Go-Ethereum (Geth) client was reported to have 10,199 commits from 345 contributors. It has 7,332 forks and 21,229 stars. In addition, it has 130 pull requests which are the number of proposed change requests to the repository. Other projects that fell close to the Geth activity include,

  • Aleth’ which has 32,939 commits, 2,109 forks, 3,404 stars from 138 contributors.
  • EIPs, also a blockchain project registered 1,302 commits, 1,125 forks, 3,858 stars from 149 contributors.
  • Solidity, which is Ethereum’s native smart contract programming language has 11,635 commits, 1,641 forks, 6,130 stars, and 276 contributors.

If we take a look, Bitcoin, is one of the most active blockchain repositories, it has 18,487 commits, an astounding 35,450 stars, over 21,000 forks from about 580 contributors at the time of writing.

The number of commits or forks and stars may, however, be wildly inaccurate numbers to use if one wishes to find out the usefulness of a project. They can only be used as mere indicators of interest for a project.