Electroneum: The McAfee bet to 2018

MacAfee y Electroneum
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Electroneum is a British cryptocurrency that was launched through an ICO or initial coin offerig on September 14, 2017. It is developed for the mobile gaming and online gambling market.

The difference between this currency and the others is that it combines a decentralized blockchain with a centralized viral marketing application, which encourages the adoption and accumulation of cryptocurrencies through the experience of mobile mining. It is available for iOS and Android.

John McAfee, technological pioneer and main idealist of cybersecurity of MGT. He is very involved in the cryptocurrency community, so he is often right with his verdicts about these. In this case, consider Electroneum as an interesting bet.

In this regard indicates that “Electroneum facilitates access and use of a super secure cryptocurrency that has all the benefits of Bitcoin and more. The transactions in this system happen faster and are more anonymous, protecting the history and content of the wallet, while leaving transaction hashes publicly accessible so that they can technically authenticate themselves”.

Electroneum minería movil

However, the most interesting part of this coin is that it will be made for mobile mining. In this sense, it is able to take advantage of the processing power of your phone and make it possible to extract tokens directly.

For his part, he said that Electroneum has the potential to revolutionize the way society operates, giving it a massive adoption with its simplicity. What cataloges it as a potential game changer.

On what is McAffe based?

One of McAfee’s projects this year is to help the crypto market, so each week it publishes in its Twitter account, two cryptocurrencies that he considered the best for the moment. On the other hand, an ICO stands out, among all those that are generated.

In an interview, he was asked certain questions regarding cryptocurrencies and their boom in the market. In the same way, they emphasized what it was based on to give their forecasts.

McAfee informed that it is based on a theory created by the same, where it expresses what it tries to know if a cryptocurrency can become a good project or not, as well as if its value is adequate.

First, what he is looking for is to know if a currency provides security and anonymity to its users, which is an elementary factor for it. Next, if it offers a service or some function that benefits someone; to society, to culture, or to the digital community. Finally, if it has support from a chain that can be implemented.

Also, he explains that he recommends some currencies for possessing a new concept, different from the others. Not necessarily because he invests in any of them. they are simply assessments that as a visionary sees.


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