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Edge Cryptocurrency Wallet Update Integrates Support for Wyre & Bitrefill

Edge Cryptocurrency Wallet Update Integrates Support for Wyre & Bitrefill

Edge, the blockchain asset security platform and mobile cryptocurrency wallet, announced yesterday January 16th, that it had integrated Bitrefill and Wyre directly into the wallet application.

Bitrefill is a mobile top-up and gift-code service provider while Wyre is a fiat-to-crypto exchange service. Both these services have been integrated into the Edge wallet to help it have more utility for its users.

With Bitrefill, users will be able to purchase a variety of gift-codes to be used on leading retailers including Amazon and Walmart. The integration with Wyre will enable Edge users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from their bank accounts at a 1% fee.

However, Wyre only supports the purchase of two main cryptocurrencies i.e., Bitcoin and Ethereum but once the user has purchased these coins, they can easily swap them for each other or for other Edge supported currencies such as Dash at a low fee. Overall this new integration allows users of Edge wallet to easily acquire and spend cryptocurrency all within the application.

Bitrefill and Wyre directly into the wallet application

Even though Edge wallets supports several digital assets, the Bitrefill integration works in the favor of Dash more than any other asset. This is because, with Bitrefill, Dash will be able to showcase one of its best features the InstantSend.

Through InstantSend, gift-codes and vouchers purchased through Bitrefill will be delivered instantly to recipients as opposed to the other assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that have to wait for network confirmations. On top of this feature, Dash users on the Edge wallet will receive a further 10% discount for all Bitrefill transactions processed. Therefore, for both the new and existing users of Edge, Dash will offer the best option for any digital asset payments.

Commenting on this latest development, Edge CEO Paul Puey said that of all the assets supported by Edge, Dash represented the most natural fit for its goals and vision.

“The Dash community has been tremendously helpful and supportive of Edge and our efforts. Their goal of making crypto usable, spendable, and accessible to the masses strongly aligns with our vision. Their implementation of InstantSend by default is a clear example of this. We’re excited to have Dash integrated into Edge and provide ways for people to use Dash in their day to day lives.”