DeFi Technologies Stakes 1,498 BTC to Validate Core Chain Transactions

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  • DeFi Technologies announces the launch of a validator node on Core Chain, a Bitcoin-powered blockchain.
  • The collaboration with Core Foundation drives the initiative, with plans to stake approximately $100 million in Bitcoin (BTC).
  • The company has also adopted Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset.

DeFi Technologies, a Toronto-based digital asset company, has announced that it will launch a validator node on Core Chain, an advanced blockchain powered by Bitcoin. The company aims to delve into staking and network consensus participation.

The implementation of the validator node is part of a collaboration with Core Foundation. The partnership aims to explore innovative opportunities within the blockchain industry. As part of this initiative, DeFi Technologies, through its subsidiary Valour Inc., plans to stake approximately $100 million in Bitcoin (BTC) on Core Chain.

The multimillion-dollar sum underscores DeFi Technologies’ intent to leverage blockchain technology and bridge traditional finance with the decentralized finance market. Participating in staking and network consensus will be the tools for the company to contribute to the security and performance of the Core Chain network. Additionally, it will enable them to explore new ways to generate returns and growth within the digital asset market.

defi bitcoin

DeFi Technologies: All-In on Bitcoin

A key aspect of the partnership is the use of the consensus mechanism compatible with Core Chain’s Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing seamless integration with the Ethereum ecosystem. Through this mechanism, participants in the staking process will receive rewards in Core tokens (CORE), which will be reinvested to further enhance the product.

Furthermore, DeFi Technologies’ strategic shift towards a greater focus on Bitcoin is reflected in its recent announcement to adopt BTC as its primary treasury reserve asset. This decision aligns with the company’s vision to harness the potential of BTC and blockchain technology to create value for its investors.

DeFi Technologies is at a pivotal moment in its journey to become a key player in the DeFi sector. With its innovative approach and strategic collaborations, it will play a crucial role in shaping the future of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.


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