[DASH] – PumaPay Announces Support for Dash making it Available to its 36 Clients in the Adult Entertainment

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Cryptocurrency payments solution PumaPay has enabled support for privacy-centric cryptocurrency Dash making it available as a payment option to its more than 40 clients including 36 businesses in the adult entertainment industry such as PornHub. The company made the announcement on Wednesday saying that Dash will now be available in its mobile-based cryptocurrency wallet for both Android and iOS platforms. On top of this, PumaPay is seeking collaboration with Dash for future developments.

In addition to supporting the coin, PumaPay and Dash are exploring ways to enhance their collaboration together and build on each other’s strengths.

The company stated.

PumaPay claims to be a leader in the payments space at least in the cryptocurrency field aided with its innovative recurring crypto billing solution. Dash, on the other hand, a proven blockchain solution that enables Dash users to send and receive funds almost instantly. It is a welcome feature especially in the payments industry such as the adult entertainment field which is laden with high chargeback rates that often result in high transaction fees.

PumaPay Dash integration

PumaPay is a natural fit for Dash and can provide its business customers with a comprehensive payment solution which is built around the needs and requirements of businesses, enabling them to process transactions using familiar billing methodologies. Our technology combines the flexibility of credit cards with the advantages of blockchain technology; taking the best of both worlds and overcoming the limitations and hurdles of credit cards.

Said PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror.

This integration is a particularly great opportunity for Dash to influence the highly lucrative adult industry which mostly benefits from overcharging clients due to the chargebacks plague stated above. Dash’s InstantSend feature coupled with the extremely low transaction fees is poised to make an impact. The major proponent of the integration between Dash and PumaPay Dash Embassy CEO Jan Heinrich Meyer cites the recurring crypto billing feature provided by PumaPay as a major pulling factor that attracted Dash to the payments company.

PumaPay is an attractive partner for Dash because of its ability to support recurring payments and merchants who follow a subscription model. This is a feature that hasn’t been available to Dash users before. We are exploring new ways to expand our partnership and what we can do together. I look forward to seeing how we can help each other.

He said.


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