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CYBR: On-line security based on Blockchain

CYBR: On-line security based on Blockchain

Online security is a critical issue not only for governments and companies, but for every common user. Data, information and day-to-day activities are often exposed to malware and all kinds of potential threats. This is why the CYBR platform arises using blockchain technology, and brings us its ecosystem.

The CYBR ecosystem is the solution for customers seeking greater security when making intelligent transactions in the blockchain, since all activities are executed through a portal designed to provide safeguards, countermeasures and intelligence of real-time threats to the CYBR community, also to other cryptographic entities that see in this ecosystem the cybersecurity that they have sought so much.

To safeguard all information, CYBR is powered by BlindSpot, a powerful security engine patented by the ecosystem, which identifies and prevents illicit files from accessing or affecting the confidentiality of clients, the integrity and availability of intelligent cryptographic transactions and contracts.

In turn, CYBR markets and monetizes emerging threat intelligence by converting data into actionable intelligence. Ecosystem users receive rewards in CYBR tokens for their direct intelligence contributions to platform threats.

A more secure portal

On the CYBR web portal, customers can log in quickly, easily and securely, there they can find threat alerts, address and website verification, send and receive tokens, BlindSpot downloads and technical support, the latter includes Frequently asked questions and access to the CYBR database where you can see current, known and emerging threats, all in real time.

CYBR directs its efforts in protecting wallets, smart contract transactions and activities related to the blockchain, for which it has a state-of-the-art software that will be optimized for the block chain.

Today, the detection of threats and the eradication of viruses have become premises for governments and private sector organizations, taking into consideration that in previous times a considerable number of people were affected by these cases only in the United States, therefore the technological companies have seen the need to develop more robust ecosystems to protect data and assets.


CYBR offers its community two levels of safeguards in real time, one is through BlindSpot, this software drives a potentially borderless landscape of identification of threats, and the CYBR Portal that uses a source of pedigree data in time real that until now is not available to the general public.

Among the benefits of these protection tools is the ability to collect and identify threats in basic searches, the malware adapts and can be transformed into a slightly different version of a known virus.

Likewise, the BlindSpot system, in addition to detecting the actor, the illicit files and APT, also interrupts its activities. BlindSpot captures attack signatures by deploying a combination of automatic learning in concert with artificial intelligence, when this occurs the information is distributed to the protected community through the blockchain.

To increase the backup data that runs concurrently with BlindSpot, CYBR rewards community members with tokens for identifying suspicious activities. The rewards for members of the CYBR community will be a specific assignment of CYBR Tokens. The CYBR token is a standard ERC20 token, and is available in the token generator event  at this time.

We recommend reviewing the White Paper of this interesting ecosystem, as well as joining its Telegram channel to stay up-to-date with its news.