CryptoQuant’s Secret Metric that Predicts a New Bitcoin Bull Run as in 2021

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  • CryptoQuant’s key metric, NUPL, reveals the psychology of Bitcoin investors and the market’s health.
  • NUPL calculates the difference between Bitcoin’s current value and the total purchase price, providing information about gains or losses.
  • During the 2021 bull run, NUPL warned about the need for caution, and now, with a value of 0.48, it suggests an overall profit position.

The cryptocurrency analysis firm, CryptoQuant, highlighted a key metric in the world of Bitcoin: Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL). This indicator, which often goes unnoticed, provides valuable insight into the psychology of BTC investors and the overall health of the market.

NUPL is calculated by comparing Bitcoin’s current market value with the total purchase price of all coins, allowing an assessment of whether investors are in profit or loss. In addition to simply measuring price fluctuations, NUPL provides information about the emotional state of BTC “whales,” i.e., large investors who have a significant influence on the market.

During the 2021 bull run, NUPL served as a discreet yet effective warning of the need for caution months before the market reached its peak. While attention was focused on price charts, NUPL hinted at investor sentiment. Currently, with a value of 0.48, it indicates that investors are generally in a profitable position, although they have relinquished some gains from the peaks reached in late 2023.

bitcoin cryptoquant

Is Bitcoin on the Verge of a New Bull Run?

According to analysts, a NUPL value above 0.5 has historically preceded a bull market. This suggests that the market is at a crucial point and approaching a potential turning point. Therefore, closely monitoring this metric could be beneficial for the Bitcoin community, as it provides valuable information about the potential direction of the market.

NUPL is more than just an indicator of gains and losses in Bitcoin. It is a tool that reveals the emotions and behavior of large investors, offering a window into the market’s psychological state. With its ability to anticipate significant movements, it has become an invaluable tool for analysts and investors seeking to better understand the crypto market and make informed decisions.


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