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rich whales Bitcoin

Great whales benefit from Bitcoin fluctuations

Last year was peculiar for Bitcoin as its price fluctuated and rose to nearly $ 20,000 in an unprecedented bull ...

Bitcoin new investors

Bitcoin’s Rise to $10000 will Attract New Buyers

A digital currency such as Bitcoin takes a lot of discipline and understanding to invest in. Traders of the cryptocurrency ...

JP Morgan Bitcoin

Umar Farooq from JP Morgan thinks Bitcoin and its technology have great potential

JP Morgan Chase’s banker and blockchain leader Umar Farooq gave his opinion on what Bitcoin and blockchain technology represent to ...

Bitcoin help

Nerves for volatility? There is already a hotline of Bitcoin help

In the wake of the recent market correction, people have been very nervous and trying to deal with the bearish cycle ...

Bitcoin subasta

US marshals auction a large sum of confiscated Bitcoins

The US Marshals announced on January 11 that they were going to auction 3,813 Bitcoins, all being Bitcoins ceased and ...

Stripe Bitcoin

Stripe suspends its Bitcoin payment support

Stripe, another payment processor has suspended support for Bitcoin citing transaction fees and the impracticability of using the digital currency ...

Coinbase SegWit

Coinbase will implement SegWit in the coming weeks

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has just announced it will implement the Segregated Witness upgrade (SegWit) in the upcoming weeks, a ...

India Bitcoin

High taxes on Bitcoin shocks the Indian market

Both India and other countries are adopting Bitcoin at a fast rate. What many have not reckoned with is the ...

Bitcoin falls

Bitcoin goes back again to 4 digits

In the last few days, Bitcoin and other top 50 cryptocurrencies have been taking a tumble in their prices, as ...

$100,000 prediction

Shopin’s CEO: No doubt Bitcoin is going to reach $100,000

Technology boss and CEO of distributed marketplace Shopin, Eran Eyal, said that Bitcoin is going to achieve $ 100,000 in ...

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