Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain arrive at the Web Congress 2018

Web congress 2018 presentations criptomonedas and blockchain
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The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies continue on their way to become part of our day to day lives and the online communication sector does not want to lose its place. This has been seen during the weekend at the Web Congress 2018 held in Zaragoza (Spain), where we had the pleasure of attending, which in its eighth edition they have included two talks related to the crypto-world.

What is the Web Congress?

The Web Congress is an event organized by Qué Hacer en Zaragoza together with Café con Web, where digital marketing experts from all over Spain meet and share their experiences, news and concerns with topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Design and other sectors related to digital communication.

Cryptocurrencies in Digital Marketing:

Ángel Gavín and Iván García were in charge of giving presentations on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain – Angel Gavín.

Presentation angel gavin on blockchain in web congress 2018

Ángel Gavín, Physicist and Mathematician who currently works as a project manager at GMV (Spanish company dedicated to providing technologically advanced solutions) dedicated his speech to share his blockchain knowledge with the attendees and told us his opinion about what this new technology will bring to our day to day lives, where we could reach the following conclusions:

What does blockchain contribute?
  • Decentralization: blockchain is a digital accounting book that records and replicates all of its movements in each of its miners (teams that process transactions and movements in the blockchain), so instead of having a central that collects the information, each one of the miners has all the data of the blockchain, and if one of these miners disappears, the network will continue to function without any problems.
  • The rules are established by the community: These miners who form the blockchain network also have the capacity to decide over it, based on previously established norms.
  • Privacy: Blockchain transactions bring greater privacy (not to be confused with anonymity) where those involved do not need to exchange personal data to perform an operation.
  • Security: Transactions through blockchain are protected with encrypted keys that only interested parties know.
  • Transparency: Blockchain transactions are public and traceable.
  • Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts, introduce some parameters that will only be executed based on whether the fixed events happen or not.
  • Traceability: Traceability are the procedures with which we can follow the evolution of a project in each of its stages, bitcoin’s transparency makes traceability one of its characteristics.

To conclude Angel gave a clarification for people who are beginning to enter the world of Blockchain.

“Blockchain is not bitcoin, bitcoin is a blockchain application”

Cryptocurrencies – Iván García.

Ivan garcia presentation criptomonedas web congress 2018

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain enthusiast, Iván is a Freelancer who has been working in the Digital Marketing sector since 2004 where he has collaborated in projects such as Groupalia or Softonic among others.

Iván defined cryptocurrencies as “A digital medium of exchange” and after an introduction on blockchain and cryptocurrency, brought to the congress several applications related to cryptocurrencies, among which we can highlight:

Payment methods and Monetization
  • CryptoWoo: It is a supporting feature for WooCommerce with which you can add cryptoscripts as a payment method such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash … etc.
  • Coingate: Application to accept cryptocurrencies in prestashop.
  • Coinbase.coomerce: Coinbase is one of the best-known and most reliable cryptocurrency platforms for buying and selling bitcoin, with you can start accepting cryptocurrencies on your website.
  • CoinHive: CoinHive is an application with which you can monetize your website by mining monero, as a benefit the users can browse without ads.
Interact with the community
  • Steemit: Steemit is a social network with which you can monetize your content, its operation is like any social network, but when another user likes your publications you will be rewarded with Steem (Cryptocurrency of the platform)
  • Dtube: is a Youtube but decentralized, this platform is associated with Steemit and is rewarded with the same cryptocurrency.
  • Another platform associated with Steemit, has its same functions but with some differences in terms of interface, notifications and adds functions such as draft saving or article markers.
  • Brave Browser + BAT (Basic Attention Token): Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers, therefore it can be navigated faster and safer. Furthermore, Brave is associated with the BAT token with which its users are rewarded.
  • Platform for influencers that will reward their users with cryptocurrencies.
Data usage
  • DataWallet: With this app you can have control over your data and choose which ones you want to share and with whom, as well as earn money when doing so.
  • Pdata.token: Another platform to monetize personal data, which currently pays in Dollars, Ether, Datawallet and gift cards.


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