Crypto Investment Products Rebound: Second Week of Inflows Totals $932M

Crypto Investment Products Rebound: Second Week of Inflows Totals $932M
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  • Crypto Rebound: Crypto investment products saw a significant rebound with $932 million in inflows for the second week, largely due to the market’s reaction to the CPI report, with 89% of inflows occurring in the last three trading days.
  • Regional Dynamics: The U.S. led with $1,002 million in inflows, while Grayscale experienced its first inflows since January. Bitcoin was the preferred asset, but Ethereum saw outflows amid ETF skepticism.
  • Blockchain Equities Struggle: Despite a recovery sign in digital asset investments, blockchain equities continue to struggle with a year-to-date outflow of $512 million, reflecting market uncertainty and investor caution.

Crypto investment products have experienced a significant rebound, with inflows totaling $932 million for the second consecutive week. This surge is largely attributed to the immediate market response to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report. 

Notably, the latter three trading days accounted for 89% of the total inflows, underscoring a renewed correlation between Bitcoin prices and interest rate expectations.

Despite the positive trend in inflows, the overall trading volume remained relatively low at US$10.5 billion, compared to US$40 billion in March. This discrepancy highlights the cautious approach investors are taking amidst fluctuating market conditions.

Crypto Investment Regional Dynamics and Asset Preferences

The United States led the charge with inflows of $1,002 million, dominating the week’s activity. In a surprising turn of events, Grayscale, which had previously suffered outflows of US$16.6 billion since its ETF launch in January, witnessed minor inflows of US$18 million for the first time. 

Switzerland and Germany also reported minor inflows, while Hong Kong and Canada experienced outflows. Bitcoin remained the preferred asset among investors, attracting US$942 million in inflows. 

In contrast, short Bitcoin positions saw virtually no activity, indicating a generally optimistic investor sentiment. Altcoins such as Solana, Chainlink, and Cardano also enjoyed inflows, with Ethereum facing outflows due to skepticism over an SEC approval for a spot-based ETF.

Crypto Investment Products Rebound: Second Week of Inflows Totals $932M

The Ongoing Struggle of Blockchain Equities

Blockchain equities continue to face challenges, with only six weeks of inflows out of twenty this year, leading to a year-to-date outflow of US$512 million. The sector’s performance reflects broader market uncertainty and the cautious stance of investors towards blockchain-related stocks.

The digital asset investment landscape is showing signs of recovery, with Bitcoin leading the way. However, the overall market remains tentative, as evidenced by the low trading volumes and the struggles faced by blockchain equities. 

Investors appear to be closely monitoring economic indicators and regulatory developments, which are playing a pivotal role in shaping investment strategies.


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