Consensys Expands MetaMask’s Security with Wallet Guard Acquisition

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  • Consensys acquires Wallet Guard to strengthen MetaMask, a leader in self-custodial wallets in the web3 sector.
  • Wallet Guard specializes in user-centric security, enhancing scam detection and protection against fraud.
  • Transaction validation and client-side heuristics will be incorporated.

Consensys is actively working on strengthening MetaMask. The firm has just announced the acquisition of Wallet Guard, a company specializing in cryptocurrency security. The aim is to enhance MetaMask’s capabilities as the world’s leading self-custodial wallet in the web3 ecosystem.

Wallet Guard stands out for its user-centric approach, offering browser extensions, security dashboards, and security engines that protect digital wallets and assets from theft, scams, and fraud. Integrating their technologies will significantly improve MetaMask’s scam detection and protection against malicious decentralized applications, while maintaining user privacy and sovereignty.

According to Joe Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of Consensys, prioritizing user security is crucial in the increasingly complex and vulnerable web3 environment. Lubin emphasized that Wallet Guard’s innovative solutions will be essential in creating a secure environment that promotes the adoption of decentralized technologies.

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Consensys Continues to Integrate New Security Tools

On the other hand, Patrick Berarducci, leader of the MetaMask & Infura Business Group at Consensys, highlighted the wallet’s uniqueness in offering advanced security features and enhancement plugins through its Snaps platform. The integration of Wallet Guard will strengthen these capabilities by incorporating transaction validation and client-side heuristics, providing users with real-time protection against threats.

The acquisition of Wallet Guard adds to those of Special Mechanisms Group (SMG) and HAL. Consensys continues to strengthen its leadership position in developing secure and reliable blockchain solutions. These initiatives will bolster MetaMask’s security infrastructure with robust tools that the community can use to manage and safeguard their assets with confidence. Users can expect substantial improvements in protecting their digital assets and a safer user experience on the platform.


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