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CoinGrocer: the place where you can buy groceries only with cryptocurrencies

Initiatives that seek to make commerce an activity in which cryptocurrencies are the way of payment continue to be created, for the sake of the knowledge of the general public and cryptography enthusiasts.

In beta phase, CoinGrocer  is an e-commerce website dedicated to the sale of essential groceries, where the way of payment is with cryptocurrencies exclusively, which is done through the payment gateway GloBee. Groceries are tangible goods that people or businesses, like restaurants, need daily. CoinGrocer buyers have multiple options to use their digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, especially.

CoinGrocer markets healthy and organically grown products on its website, with more than 21,000 products to offer. The strategic alliance with the GloBee payment gateway allows CoinGrocer to receive payments in the main cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, litecoin and monero, which opens up the real possibility for cryptography enthusiasts to use their cryptocurrency in daily business transactions.

CoinGrocer announced its commercial initiative on Twitter on June 1, 2018, for the sale of natural, organic, gourmet and special products, accepting Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

As it was known by the CoinGrocer team, the initiative came from a group of bitcoin enthusiasts who remain anonymous, and who yearn to buy all kinds of everyday products with cryptocurrency. This should be noted, rescues the original spirit and purpose of bitcoin and all subsequent cryptocurrencies, serve as efficient, secure, decentralized and reliable payment instruments.

An initiative that only accepts 100% cryptocurrencies is not something usual to see, and less for groceries and other essential products of everyday life. Users can access the CoinGrocer site and buy a wide range of organic products, highlighting healthy foods, beauty products, and products for home and health, with the cryptocurrencies that we already mentioned, and also Visa card for BitPay cardholders.

The owners of CoinGrocer have in mind to expand the acceptance of more cryptocurrencies emerging as Dogecoin, Cardano, Dash, Decred, IOTA, NEO, Ripple, Stellar and Tron.

The initiative of CoinGrocer converts them into what could be the first online supermarket that only accepts cryptocurrencies around the world. However by now this e-commerce will only be available for the US, without the possibility of its expansion or franchising to other countries being closed.

Although each time the gap of ignorance of what cryptocurrencies are in general is being broken, through viable commercial initiatives such as this, it is quite easy to facilitate the use, knowledge and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a ways of payment in real and everyday situations, which is its original purpose and reason.

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