Coingecko Regains Control of Its X Accounts After Hack

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CoinGecko, the cryptocurrency price tracking platform, fell victim to a hacking incident on its X account. The incident occurred when hackers made a fraudulent post announcing the launch of a new cryptocurrency called GCKO. The post claimed that GCKO could be used to pay for API services, with a special mention of the ANKR cryptocurrency. Additionally, a suspicious link pretending to be a token airdrop was included.

CoinGecko’s response was swift, issuing a warning message through the X platform to inform users about the incident. In the statement, the company confirmed that its accounts on Twitter, CoinGecko, and GeckoTerminal had been compromised.

They pledged to take immediate action to investigate the situation and secure their accounts. Urgently, they urged users not to click on suspicious links or engage with dubious content, emphasizing their priority on user security. CoinGecko also expressed gratitude for the community’s understanding in light of the situation.

Furthermore, the platform clarified in a tweet that, although it has 2FA enabled, among other security measures, the hack occurred because an employee accidentally clicked on a malicious link from Calendly, granting permissions to the perpetrator who subsequently posted on the account.

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Similarly to Coingecko, the Official SEC Account Was Recently Breached

This attack on CoinGecko’s account adds to a series of security incidents affecting the cryptocurrency industry. Notably, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also experienced a hacking incident on its X account the day before, raising concerns about the vulnerability of regulatory and financial entities to cyber threats in the cryptocurrency space.

The need for stricter security measures in the crypto space becomes more apparent as these incidents become more frequent. Trust in the integrity and security of platforms is crucial for the widespread adoption of these emerging technologies. Users and platforms must remain vigilant against threats and employ robust security protocols to protect the ecosystem’s integrity.

Cooperation between companies and regulators is essential to address and prevent future incidents. Immediate attention and action against these challenges are vital to preserving the community’s trust in the crypto landscape


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