Coinbase Wallet Unveils Major Update For Easier, Cheaper, and Faster Global Transfers

coinbase wallet
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Coinbase Wallet has just released a significant update aimed at simplifying and streamlining international money transfers. This new feature marks a substantial shift for Coinbase, allowing users to send money through shared links, an experience as straightforward as sending a text message.

In contrast to traditional international transfer methods, which often involve navigating complex combinations of account numbers and facing expensive bank charges and other fees, Coinbase Wallet’s innovative solution seeks to eliminate these barriers. Traditionally, international transfers could take up to five business days. The exchange took action to address this issue promptly by focusing the update on providing an efficient alternative.

The essence of this new feature lies in the ability to send money through shared links on various communication platforms, from messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram to social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, and even email. This approach not only avoids the complexities associated with conventional banking methods but also eliminates fees and ensures instant settlement of transactions.

Coinbase Proposes Transfers As Simple As Sending a Message

The process is intuitive: users can generate a link directly from their Coinbase Wallet and share it through the platform of their choice. This streamlined method benefits not only those settling debts with friends but also serves as an ideal solution for situations requiring quick payments, such as last-minute gifts or tips for tour guides.

coinbase wallet

The global accessibility of this feature is noteworthy, available in 20 languages and usable in over 170 countries. This extensive coverage ensures that money transfers are possible virtually anywhere in the world. The combination of this global presence and the simplicity of the process positions Coinbase Wallet as a key player in the realm of international money transfers, offering a modern and effective alternative to traditional banking methods.

It’s a redefinition of the international money transfer experience, making it as easy as sharing a link, eliminating the complications and costs associated with conventional methods and establishing a more efficient and accessible standard for users worldwide. Coinbase ensures it stays at the forefront of the services it provides to its users.


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