CNBC’s Jim Cramer advises exiting crypto as lawsuits pile up

CNBC's Jim Cramer advises exiting crypto as lawsuits pile up.
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Renowned CNBC host Jim Cramer has raised a cautionary flag for crypto investors, urging them to consider immediate withdrawal amid concerns of market manipulation, lawsuits against industry leaders, and the risks associated with digital assets.

In a recent episode of his popular show, Cramer sounded the alarm bells regarding potential scams, manipulations, and fraudulent schemes within the cryptocurrency space and warned investors to protect themselves from falling victim to such tactics.

“It’s high time to safeguard yourself from scams aimed at separating you from your hard-earned money,” Cramer advised.

Highlighting the recent banking crisis that negatively impacted institutions like Signature Bank, First Republic, Silvergate, and Silicon Valley Bank, Cramer expressed his concern over the substantial profits made by hedge funds through short-selling distressed banks. This practice, while advantageous for the hedge funds, proved detrimental to the shareholders of regional banks and hindered credit availability.

Jim Cramer Warns Against Crypto Market Manipulation and Scam Risks

However, Cramer’s primary focus and greatest concern lie with cryptocurrencies, which he categorizes predominantly as scams. Drawing parallels to questionable SPACs, ill-advised IPOs, and last year’s meme stocks, he strongly advises anyone invested in such platforms to withdraw their funds immediately.

“I want you to be able to protect yourself from scams that are designed to fake you out and part you from your money,” Cramer emphasized. “I view this as actually my job now because how can we make money together if you’re just going to lose it in these scams and schemes?”

He further expressed disappointment with crypto platforms, describing them as “poppycock” and labeling investors who continue to engage with them as foolish.

Moreover, Cramer’s warnings coincide with the SEC’s legal actions against prominent cryptocurrency companies, Binance and Coinbase. The regulator has filed lawsuits alleging violations of federal securities laws, which shed light on the ongoing debate over the classification of cryptocurrencies as securities.

Cryptocurrency remains revolutionary nonetheless

While Cramer’s skepticism toward cryptocurrencies may be considered, it is essential to acknowledge that not all cryptocurrencies are scams. Although scams exist within the crypto space, legitimate projects with substantial potential also exist.

Additionally, while Jim Cramer characterizes cryptocurrency platforms as “poppycock” and likens them to the wild west, it is important to recognize that the industry encompasses a range of platforms, some of which are well-regulated and reputable.

Lastly, investing in cryptocurrency indeed carries the risk of potential loss, just as is the case with any investment. However, investors must conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.


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