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China Largest Online Education Platform Jikexueyuan.com Gets Additional Courses from High-Performance Blockchain (HPB)

The crypto sector at large is growing at a break-necking speed, but the growth is much faster than the speed developers are getting the new skills required for the sector. With developers lagging behind when it comes to skills, it translates to the lack of skilled labour needed for developing applications. However, the above has led to platforms like Jikexueyuan.com coming up. Jikexueyuan.com is the biggest Chinese based educational platform that’s purely focused on IT skills.

Jikexueyuan.com helps the tech-savvy people in our community learn more about developing android operating systems, which are what mainly form the medium of facilitating crypto-based transactions. Now through High-Performance Blockchain users have educational courses crafted from the blockchain space available. The courses dubbed Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice will help them learn how to develop applications which fit perfectly with the current needs in the cryptocurrency industry.

Now they can go through the crash courses available and develop viable and high-end applications. With Jikexueyuan.com having a user base of 600,000 active developers, HPB is hoping to tap directly into that number and provide users with the right educational course to not only sharpen their skills but also expand their knowledge. While commenting on their new courses on Jikexueyuan.com Xiaoming Wang founder and CEO of HPB said,

“Despite blockchain being the next frontier at the moment, there is a lot of theory focused courses available together with very few use cases that have been implemented. However, through our courses, we hope more developers will now be able to learn the workings of blockchain technology, which will help them integrate with our MainNet.”

Apart from being the founder and CEO of HPB, Xiaoming Wang, who goes by nickname Lan Lianhua’ (Blue Lotus) is the author of the courses. Through his ten years of experience working as a developer in the technology space, we now have blockchain based educational courses. Besides that, he is also a contributor author in a series development guide book on blockchain technology. Through him, developers are getting comprehensive educational courses.

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