Charles Hoskinson Exposes Deceptive Practices in Crypto: Are Decoy Activities Undermining Trust?

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  • Charles Hoskinson denounces a fictitious agenda in the industry, where individuals promote specific projects through deceptive activities.
  • He warns that these practices can generate confusion and fear among users.
  • Despite this, he emphasizes that Cardano focuses on creating genuine value and developing cross-chain activities on its blockchain, without resorting to deceptive promotion tactics.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has spoken out about what he considers a fictitious agenda. Hoskinson argues that certain individuals within the industry are engaging in deceptive activities to promote specific projects. This “fictitious agenda,” according to him, involves the creation of fictitious or simulated activities, known as “Kayfabe,” that do not reflect the reality of the sector.

Hoskinson stated that these fictitious activities can cause confusion and fear among users, especially when used to generate Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). By way of example, he cited the alleged exclusion of entrepreneurs from the Cardano ecosystem in a recent survey. According to him, this is part of an agenda aimed at causing harm.

Despite these practices, Charles emphasized that ADA is beyond fictitious competition and focuses on creating genuine value for the industry. He highlighted the development of cross-chain activities on its Layer-1 blockchain as an example of how the platform is advancing towards its goals without resorting to deceptive promotion tactics.

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According to Hoskinson, Cardano Can Lead in Governance Matters

He also spoke about the importance of effective governance, pointing out that the Cardano community is well-equipped to lead in this regard. Effective governance requires clear communication, foresight, commitment, and consensus, elements that, in his opinion, are essential for the long-term success of any project in the crypto space.

Debates on governance in the crypto industry often tend to be superficial. Hoskinson expressed confidence in the Cardano community’s ability to stand out from other blockchains. It is necessary to deepen debates on governance and foster an environment where all voices are heard and considered.

Charles Hoskinson invites reflection through his statements. It is necessary to take a stand in the debate on the fictitious agenda in order to maintain and strengthen commitment to transparency and integrity with true innovation in the crypto industry.


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