Chainlink Keepers Open Beta Launched; Serving Smart Contract DevOps

Chainlink Keepers Open Beta Launched; Serving Smart Contract DevOps

Chainlink launched a new service called Chainlink Keepers Open Beta that focuses on serving DevOps who work on smart contracts. The new fully decentralized service is now ready for community use, feedback, and bug reports.

In a nutshell, Chainlink Keepers lets smart contract actors automate many of their functionalities regarding managing and maintaining dApps.

The decentralized nature is the most important potential of the Chainlink Keepers that removes the middlemen in the managing functions.

Fully Decentralized Smart Contract Maintenance

Smart contracts are viral parts of decentralized applications. Their developers and managers always need better tools to handle them automatically and protect their functionalities.

Chainlink, as one of the most famous service providers for smart contracts, always develops new tools that help dApp developers and managers efficiently. Next to the decentralized oracle service that’s the leader in the market, other tools from Chainlink make smart contract automation and maintenance easier. Chainlink Keepers Open Beta is the new service that focuses on DevOps capabilities for smart contracts.

Chainlink Keepers serves a vast user base. Smart contract developers, decentralized applications, and decentralized autonomous organizations can benefit from the automation that the new service provides.

A decentralized cost-efficient method of automating smart contract functions and contract maintenance will be available through Chainlink Keepers. The ultimate result of using the new DevOps service is better uptime and efficient functionality for smart contracts.

The new Chainlink service is now live on Beta. Developers and initial users can try and test the features. The service will continuously improve to become ready in the final version.

The solution that is provided by Chainlink Keepers is fully decentralized and follows the fundamentals of oracles from this team. The architecture relies on node operators that are currently working on the Chainlink blockchain. According to the announcement post:

“Chainlink Keepers utilizes a decentralized network of security-reviewed and historically proven node operators, already securing tens of billions in DeFi, and utilizing LINK in the existing highly reliable cryptoeconomics of the Chainlink Network. Nodes are selected based on a rotating jobs framework with automated time-based failover to avoid rising user costs from job competition.”

Smart contract developers, especially in the DeFi industry, are obsessed with the security and reliability of their services. They should assure users their assets are safe and platforms are always live to run the commands. It needs a serious focus on maintaining the smart contract functionalities. Chainlink Keepers claim to automate these processes and help developers focus on other important tasks.

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