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Chainlink Labs Becomes a Hedera Hashgraph Mainnet Node

Chainlink Labs Becomes a Hedera Hashgraph Mainnet Node

Hedera Hashgraph announced a new mainnet node on the network. Chainlink Labs is the new node that will be the 21st node in the list of nodes.

The new addition means a lot for the Hedera network as the blockchain is on the path to expand the reach and move faster towards decentralization. The ultimate goal is to let anyone manage mainnet nodes and earn HBAR tokens.

Currently, only Hedera Governing Council members run mainnet nodes.

Expanding the Reach and Decentralization

Chainlink has been on the headlines for quite a while. The decentralized oracle provider is a very good example of how partnerships and integrations help a project grow. Chainlink Labs, the primary development group behind Chainlink, plans to expand reaches and grow partnerships even more.

The team works with other innovative projects to show the capabilities of Chainlink oracles and also, finding new partners. The latest partnership involves Hedera Hashgraph, an innovative decentralized solution with major tech partners around the world.

Hedera Hashgraph LLC announced the addition of Chainlink Labs to the list of Hedera mainnet nodes. Chainlink Labs also becomes a Hedera Governing Council member as a result of node operation. The partnership isn’t limited to node operating, and Chainlink will provide oracle services to Hedera Network, too.

Hedera Hashgraph LLC says that Chainlink will become the primary oracle solution in the Hedera network. It means another strategic step for Chainlink to expand its reach and serve more customers. One of the most important participations of Chainlink Labs in Hedera is integrating Chainlink with the Hedera Token Service (HTS).

Adding new nodes to the mainnet means a lot for blockchain-based services. Hedera, with a special model for mainnet and node operations, adds nodes with full security and reliability in mind to expand the network consistently.

It results in reliable performance and decentralization in the network. In simple terms, if a node goes offline or faces an operation challenge, other nodes will handle the work.

As mentioned above, Chainlink Labs will be the 21st node on the Hedera mainnet. According to the announcement:

“The Chainlink Labs transitional node on the Hedera mainnet is node 20 and account ID 0.0.23 — this node will be hosted in a LiquidWeb data center located in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Hedera will assist in managing this node as the new Hedera Council member is onboarded.”

Joining the Hedera Hashgraph Council isn’t the final step for Chainlink Labs LLC. The team will continue participating in this blockchain and even develop special tools for the Hedera network.

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