Chainlink Completes Fund Tokenization Pilot with Major Banks, LINK Skyrockets 18%!

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  • DTCC, Chainlink, and several financial institutions successfully complete a pilot to tokenize funds.
  • Key financial players like JPMorgan, Templeton, and BNY Mellon participated alongside Chainlink.
  • The pilot demonstrates the possibility of embedding fundamental data in multiple on-chain use cases, increasing operational efficiency.

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), in collaboration with Chainlink and several other financial institutions, have successfully completed a pilot aimed at accelerating the tokenization of funds. This pilot project, known as Smart NAV, aimed to establish a standardized process to bring and disseminate net asset value (NAV) data of funds across multiple blockchains.

The initiative involved the participation of key actors in the financial sector, including JPMorgan, Templeton, and BNY Mellon, alongside Chainlink, a blockchain oracle platform. The main goal of the Smart NAV project was to explore the possibility of standardizing the process of delivering NAV data across various blockchains, using Chainlink’s cross-chain interoperability protocol.

The pilot demonstrated that by providing structured on-chain data and establishing standard roles and processes, it is possible to embed fundamental data in a multitude of on-chain use cases. This includes fund tokenization and the creation of smart contracts containing data for multiple funds. Additionally, the successful completion of the pilot suggests that on-chain data delivery can be more automated and real-time, increasing operational efficiency compared to traditional methods.

chainlink link

Chainlink (LINK) Soars!

The importance of this pilot lies in its contribution to the digital transformation of financial services. By utilizing Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, DTCC ensured the secure and efficient transmission of NAV data, a critical indicator for investment funds. This allowed data to be distributed and automated in real-time, while also integrating access to historical data.

The success of the pilot has had a positive impact on the price of Chainlink’s native token (LINK), which experienced a 20% increase in the last 24 hours and its currently trading at $16.61. This reflects the market’s recognition of the importance of adopting blockchain technologies to modernize financial infrastructures.

The Smart NAV pilot represents a significant step towards fund tokenization and the integration of reliable data into the blockchain.


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