Chainlink Announced That Data Feeds Are Now Live on Polygon zkEVM

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The convergence of cutting-edge technologies has led to a transformation in the decentralized finance landscape. The integration of Chainlink’s Data Feeds with Polygon zkEVM marks a crucial step in this process, making a significant impact on the development of innovative applications.

This technological collaboration not only provides developers with secure and reliable oracles but also solidifies Polygon zkEVM as a dynamic hub for DeFi applications looking to capitalize on the unique advantages of Zero-Knowledge rollups. The partnership enables direct access to Chainlink’s oracles, known for their reliability and security, offering a new dimension of possibilities for DeFi projects on Polygon zkEVM.

Marc Borion, CEO of Polygon Labs, emphasized the importance of this integration, considering it an essential step for the progress of DeFi on Polygon zkEVM. With the implementation of Chainlink’s Data Feeds, the door is opened to a broader ecosystem of high-quality data from various sources, expanding the capabilities and scope of DeFi applications.

The functionality provided by Chainlink’s Data Feeds not only ensures smooth access to external price data for DeFi developers but also paves the way for the creation and launch of highly effective liquidity protocols and advanced decentralized exchanges. This development comes at a crucial time for the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem, which recently achieved a milestone, reaching $125 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).

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Chainlink Data Feeds to Drive DeFi Space and Enhance Security

The integration not only strengthens Polygon zkEVM’s position in the DeFi space but also addresses inherent security concerns. Chainlink’s Data Feeds, known for their robustness and proven resilience, offer solutions to issues such as API downtimes, atypical flash crashes, and data manipulation attacks. This ensures the optimal choice for security-oriented DeFi protocols on Polygon zkEVM.

This step is not just a leap in technological progress but a promise: the promise of a financial ecosystem where reliability, innovation, and inclusivity converge to rebuild the very essence of decentralized finance.


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