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CELLO: Samsung’s logistics software based on blockchain

Samsung SDS is a company with more than 30 years of experience in logistics, global software solutions, IT (information technology), services, analysis and sales.

Hong Won-Pyo CEO of Samsung SDS co LTD, took advantage of the Smart Logistics Media Day and the Cello 2018 conference, held on March 8 in Pangyo (South Korea) to announce the improvements made recently to its CELLO platform and its plans for expand its logistics businesses based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

At the conference he said things like:

“Samsung SDS has platforms to demonstrate the efficiency of Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in our logistics services”

“For technologies (new, emerging) like Blockchain, the most important task is to create many real use cases that demonstrate their usefulness and value”


What is CELLO?

Cello is a software of logistics that began to be used in 2012 as a supplier of Samsung Electronics, which allows to control and optimize each block of the supply chain, maximizing the global visibility, synchronizing the planning of the chain, optimizing costs and all this through of the SCLIS platform of CELLO.

As discussed at the conference, customers are seeing visible improvements and greater efficiency in their logistics thanks to the use of their AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms.

During the event, new commercial models for logistics were also examined, such as e-Commerce, Last Mile Delivery and blockchain, in which they showed possible innovative use cases for intelligent logistics.

Samsung SDS and blockchain

In August 2017, Samsung SDS was already showing interest in working and implementing Blockchain for its technology, which was when they announced that they were the first in Korea to apply Blockchain to their manufacturing chain.

Kwangwoo Song, Vice President of Samsung SDS (Financial Business Team), said:

“Within this year, we will apply blockchain technology to China, after which we plan to expand our applications to other countries.” He also emphasized that “our blockchain technology and capabilities are so advanced that in June we were invited to lecture at Money 20/20 Europe, Europe’s largest financial conference.

The company has already carried out a pilot project with the Korean fish cake manufacturer Samjin Amook, which has been a success and consists of a blockchain-based logistics system, from a barcode that can be read from any phone intelligent, customers can make a total tracking of the product and all the places where it has gone from its inception until the arrival at the supermarket, from the origin of the products, place of manufacture, dates of packaging and expiration, data that according to the company improves the trust in the final customers.

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