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Cardano Foundation Announced Details About Managing Healthcare Data on Cardano Blockchain

A new post is published on the Cardano forum with a focus on storing or managing healthcare data on the blockchain. The post describes details about storing data on the blockchain, and especially the Cardano blockchain.

It tells the benefits and use-cases of a decentralized network for storing this kind of data. It also showcases the current pandemic that showed the inefficiency of data storage solutions in healthcare systems. The post is published by Cardano Foundation and introduces Atala PRISM as a comprehensive solution for storing healthcare data on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Blockchain Providing Comprehensive Solutions

Cardano blockchain is on the path for improvements and expanding reach in the blockchain industry. Supporting smart contracts and token issuing are the most important new features that will surely help the blockchain achieve the bigger goals. New services are finding the opportunity to use Cardano as their underlying technology. Cardano Foundation is emphasizing these new use-cases to show that the Cardano blockchain can become the first choice for most decentralized applications.

Healthcare data has always been a challenge in terms of storing and managing. Many experts have criticized the current system of storing data in siloed databases. The need for efficient data storage and management was more crucial than ever. But the traditional systems still showed shortcomings. Many blockchain projects tried to show the capabilities of decentralized solutions in these challenges. Cardano is the latest to claim to have solutions.

The new post from Cardano Foundation describes the current state of storing healthcare data and its challenges. It has some examples to detail the situation better. After that, the foundation suggests a digital identity solution based on Cardano. According to the post:

“Atala PRISM is a decentralized digital identity solution built on the Cardano blockchain. Using PRISM, users can create their own digital identities, from patient health records and vaccinations to professional credentials and certificates. By leveraging blockchain technology, users have full control of their data but, with their consent, can share their data across different channels. Since users can build cohesive and current profiles, governments or clinicians can get the best dataset to tell who is vaccinated or which credentials they have. A dataset that is impossible to tamper with, nor is it corruptible.”

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