Cardano [ADA] opens its open source native library React

Cardano [ADA] opens its open source native library React
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Despite a few intra-organizational conflicts, Cardano has a lot of positives to show for this year warranting a round of applause from various crypto enthusiasts. Dapps have an endless potential to aid mass adoption thus they have become the pinnacle of development in a number of progressive blockchain projects including Cardano.

The most recent effort representing Cardano’s move for Dapps is open sourcing the React native library, which is aimed at providing developers to build mobile apps based on the blockchain.

Emurgo, which was one of Cardano’s three parent organizations, has been behind the development of the react native library. The organization defines the native react library as:

“A development framework used for building iOS and Android apps. So if you’re building a mobile app that needs to do anything with the Cardano blockchain you can use this library from the Emurgo team instead of rolling out your own. It’s supposed to be generic enough.”

The native react library

Cardano advances positively with React

The native react library could prove crucial to the platforms development in the sense that it could open doors to the mass market. When it comes to applications, the mobile market is the most dominant thus applications which are available on mobile devices often tend to grow due to their exposure to the masses. The react native library can be pivotal to Cardano’s blockchain as it will allow for the development of mobile apps which in turn will expose the blockchain to the masses.

With the dawn of 2019 approaching, various Android and iOS apps are expected to champion the infiltration of Cardano in the mass market. Emurgo tweeted the development in the following words:

We are always building new products like @YoroiWallet, but we also want to help the community, specially devs to build their own projects. That’s why today we are open sourcing a Cardano React Native library!!! ……? Soon more! iOS, Android and Node…”

Other Cardano projects [ADA]

Apart from the react native library, Cardano has a number of projects lined up to make sure it is not lagging too far behind the likes of Tron and other altcoins. For instance, the much anticipated Shelly project aimed at achieving complete decentralization in the blockchain is expected to kick start in the first quarter of 2019.

The project is considered a holy grail of pure decentralization as it will empower the community through a complete handing over voting rights to the community, as well as delegating all the systems nodes to the community where any individual would delegate any node to any person within the community.

On an ending note with respect to the coins performance on the market, Cardano currently shows a value of 0.077298 $, and the trading volume of 24 hours remains at 30 million dollars with a corresponding market share of 2 billion dollars.


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