Bitget Launches BIGTIME Perpetual Contract

Bitget Launches BIGTIME Perpetual Contract
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As per the recent development, Bitget is introducing BIGTIME to its innovation and GameFi zone. The masses believe this development is associated with the platform’s vision to offer users access to the latest innovative assets in the crypto space. Some of these include leveraged and decentralized finances (DeFi) tokens, AI tokens, and other GameFi projects.

BigTime is an immersive PC game that amalgamates a high-energy combat system with an expansive in-game economy. Within the game, players have the freedom of crafting several game items in the form of NFTs which can be traded in the market as well. 

Bitget customers would benefit from a wide range of interests, including easy access to the BIGTIME/USDT pair. Similarly, the exchange continues to endorse itself as an all-in-one solution for the trading needs of the common users.

As a result, it would become easier for BIGTIME traders to elevate and reform their trading experience. In an effort to promote trading on the platform, Bitget has introduced an exclusive Deposit Rebate Campaign for BIGTIME tokens. Participants who deposit tokens worth $100 or more would be deemed eligible to receive a 10% rebate from a prize pool of almost $10,000.

However, the amount would be calculated on the basis of the final net deposit volume. Each individual user would have the opportunity to receive a maximum rebate of up to $50 on BIGTIME tokens. At the time of writing, the gaming token has surged by almost 1.79% in the previous 24 hours. The increase has pushed the trading price up to almost $0.2127 and the market cap currently stands at the $31.65 million mark. 

Bitget Continues to Cater to the Needs of the Masses

Bitget Continues to Cater to the Needs of the Masses

Bitget has recently introduced copy trading that allows users to mirror the trades of veteran traders. The innovation zone within the platform clearly highlights a few hidden gems by showcasing lesser-known products to a greater audience. 

During the 60-day valuation period for all the newly listed pairs within this zone, the platform would evaluate tokens based on numerous factors that include trading volume, liquidity, high-performance standards, and much more.

As of now, the platform caters to the needs of more than 200 million users across 100 countries and regions. Bitget offers both spot trading as well as derivative trading services which make it easier for users to trade in an efficient manner.


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