Coinbase and OKX Jointly Launch BIGTIME

Coinbase and OKX Jointly Launch BIGTIME
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Coinbase and the OKX Exchange have recently joined hands to launch the BIGTIME token in the spot market, while still pointing it out as an Experimental asset label. It has been revealed that the token was developed by a team consisting of experienced game developers who have worked on several renowned titles.

The fundamental aim of the project is to establish a multiplayer role-playing platform that would also allow players to create digital assets in the form of NFTs instead of simply owning and trading them. 

BIGTIME received numerous investments accounting for more than tens of millions of dollars since 2021. Several renowned brands including Galaxy Digital, Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, and many more have shown their support.

In a recent announcement, Coinbase announced that it would add support for the BIGTIME token on the Ethereum Network. In the same announcement, users were also warned not to send the asset to other networks as they might be lost forever. Following Coinbase’s footsteps, the OKX Exchange has also added support for the token on its platform. 

BIGTIME Surges Following Coinbase’s Announcement

Coinbase and OKX Jointly Launch BIGTIME

The masses believe that Big Time has what it takes to stand apart from other blockchain games in the crypto space. Not only do players have the option of embarking on journeys in different eras, but they also have the freedom of personalizing their avatars.

Similarly, players can also get their hands on several exceptional items having fascinating attributes. These items take the form of NFTs which can either be traded in the open market or can be used within the game.   

The recent announcement of the listing of the BIGTIME token by Coinbase and OKX has resulted in the trading price of the gaming token shooting up considerably. At the time of writing, BIGTIME has surged by a whopping 194.69% within the previous 24 hours. The surge has pushed the trading price of the token to almost $0.2069 and the token’s market cap currently stands at the $30.63 million mark. 

Coinbase and OKX Jointly Launch BIGTIME

The surge managed to push the trading volume of the token to an all-time high as well. Multiple crypto analysts have warned investors about the possibility of a potential sell-off. If that happens, the trading price of the token could drop drastically. Some of them predict that the gaming token would suffer the same fate as Pepecoin did.  


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