Bitcoin Sees Surge in Large Transactions Over $100,000, Marking Highest Activity in Almost Two Years

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Amidst anticipation for the decision of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding Bitcoin ETFs, there is noticeable activity among institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market. CryptoQuant analysts report that these investors are significantly accumulating Bitcoin (BTC) in anticipation of the SEC’s decision on the ETFs.

Techcrunch reporter Jacquelyn Melinek suggests that the SEC could approve ETF applications from more than one company, highlighting today as a crucial day for these decisions. While market attention is focused on the potential launch of exchange-traded funds, US institutional investors seem to be strategically accumulating BTC.

One of the indicators highlighted by analysts is the “Coinbase Premium Gap,” showing the difference between Bitcoin prices on Binance and Coinbase. This index has maintained high levels since the beginning of the year, indicating robust buying activity. According to Maartunn, a CryptoQuant analyst, this phenomenon could be a signal that US institutional investors are accumulating BTC.

The activity on Coinbase, the primary cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States, stands out as a key point. The disparity between Bitcoin prices on different exchanges suggests a preference for Coinbase among US institutional investors.

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Bitcoin Whales are on the Move

Parallel to this accumulation, there is a substantial increase in Bitcoin transactions exceeding $100,000, revealing whale activity in the market. This surge, the most significant in almost two years, comprises around 16,900 high-value transactions. This phenomenon gains relevance in a time of widespread volatility in the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin experiencing fluctuations and recently recovering to $43,792 after falling below $41,000.

The community awaits official announcements, and the market responds to speculative forces; the coming days will be crucial for BTC and the digital asset ecosystem. The combination of intense whale activity, institutional accumulation, and expectations around ETFs creates a dynamic scenario where market sentiment and regulatory developments play key roles in the direction of digital asset prices.


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