Bitcoin (BTC) Leads the $293 Million Weekly Asset Inflows

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With Bitcoin at the forefront, the past week witnessed a continuous influx of funds into digital asset investment products, reaching a total of $293 million.

This notable increase solidified a seven-week streak of positive flows, surpassing the $1 billion mark in cumulative inflows during this period.

Indeed, this performance stands out as the third-highest annual total of inflows recorded to date, demonstrating the growing involvement of investors in the digital asset space.

The consistent growth of Assets under Management (AuM) is a direct consequence of these inflows and the recent surge in prices.

In the last week alone, AuM experienced a 9.6% increase, and since the beginning of the year, the figure has surged by 99%. Currently, assets under management stand at $44.3 billion, marking the highest level since the critical fund events of May 2022.

Bitcoin and its ETPs Leading the Way

A notable phenomenon is the active participation of investors in Bitcoin Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), accounting for as much as 19.5% of total Bitcoin trading volumes on reliable exchanges.

This significant proportion suggests that ETP investors are playing a more prominent role in the ongoing bullish trend compared to previous periods, such as 2020 and 2021.

bitcoin inflows

Bitcoin, as the primary player in this scenario, experienced substantial inflows, totaling $240 million during the last week.

These figures bring the cumulative inflows for the year to a considerable $1.08 billion. Simultaneously, short positions in Bitcoin recorded outflows of $7 million, indicating a persistent positive sentiment among investors.

On the altcoin front, Ethereum witnessed its most substantial inflows since August 2022, amounting to $49 million in the last week.

This positive shift in sentiment is likely linked to the recent request for a spot-based ETF listing in the United States.

Other digital assets, such as Solana, also enjoyed additional inflows, totaling $12 million.

bitcoin etp inflows

Furthermore, blockchain equity ETFs experienced a resurgence, attracting inflows of $14 million, the highest figure since July 2022.

This increase brings the cumulative flows for the year to a positive position of $11 million, highlighting growing investor confidence in products related to blockchain technology.

Collectively, these developments signal a phase with a clear optimistic trend in the digital asset market, with investors demonstrating active interest and increased confidence in various cryptocurrencies and associated products.


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