Bitcoin Core Version 26.0 Has Officially Been Released

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The latest update of Bitcoin Core software, version 26.0, has finally been released with the purpose of enhancing security and mitigating risks associated with attacks through transaction manipulation.

One key feature of this update is the experimental support for the “v2” transport protocol, as outlined in Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 324 (BIP324).

The primary goal of BIP324 is to encrypt communication between network nodes. This encryption aims to reduce vulnerabilities to malicious attacks by complicating transaction manipulation. Specifically, the proposal seeks to increase the costs associated with such attacks, primarily through the use of unauthenticated and opportunistic transport encryption.

Bitcoin Core Brings New Security Enhancements

A crucial aspect of the implemented encryption is its ability to hinder unauthorized eavesdropping. Even when it is unauthenticated and only activated when both communication parties support version v2, this prevents an attacker from passively listening. The requirement for the attacker to become active raises barriers to carrying out such attacks.

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It’s noteworthy that, despite the introduction of the v2 transport protocol, the previous version (v1) remains compatible. Users must manually enable v2 if they wish to take advantage of its enhanced security benefits.

BIP324 was conceived by Dhruvkaran Mehta, a significant contributor to the development of Bitcoin Core. Mehta stepped away from the project in April to focus on a Bitcoin-related business venture, leaving behind a proposal aimed at strengthening network security.

In addition to security aspects, the update also brings various modifications to remote procedure calls (RPCs) and the graphical user interface (GUI) of Bitcoin. These changes are intended to improve the user experience and optimize interaction with the software.

Version 26.0 of Bitcoin Core signifies a significant step towards greater network security, with the implementation of the v2 transport protocol aiming to complicate attacks through the encryption of communication between nodes. Recently, the community and some developers had requested certain improvements in the version as certain vulnerabilities had been detected.


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