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Bitcoin.com Crypto Trading Platform Goes Live

The expected launch has arrived, since the exchange of Bitcoin.com has already been activated. Dubbed Exchange.Bitcoin.com the latter is ushering Bitcoin.com to the trading world.

While the announcement of Bitcoin.com launching a crypto trading platform came out a while back, it is now that the exchange is going live. In its attempt to promote its exchange before its launch, Bitcoin.com enticed traders with promotional offers by urging them to register before the launch.

Before the launch, preregistered traders had an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from a price draw that had $10,000 worth of gifts. However, the latter group has additional promotional benefits at their disposal, including a negative 0.3 percent when it comes to actual trading transactions. This means as a trader on Exchange.Bitcoin.com; you can earn your money back from the transactions. Besides the above, for preregistered traders, Exchange.Bitcoin.com will shelve off 25 percent on their forthcoming transactional fees. However, to make all the above worth your time, Exchange.Bitcoin.com will offer the above among other promotional offers for the next three months, and there will not be any trade limits.

Bitcoin.com Crypto Trading Platform

Supported Coins

As a crypto enthusiast, Roger Ver has been at the forefront of giving the crypto community what it needs when it comes to the buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash. However, his endeavors have led to him creating Exchange.Bitcoin.com, which supports more coins. In the latter platform, 50 Bitcoin Cash trading pairs are available. Besides that, the platform also supports Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Similarly, Exchnage.Bitcoin.com will also support SLP tokens. As the exchange takes its place in the market, enthusiasts should also know Bitcoin.com provides more than trading. In addition to the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin.com also has a crypto casino, mobile wallet, and merchant application, has an online store and is also known widely for its widget, charts, and other tools.

While the above is all about unveiling the exchange, Bitcoin.com is going a step further by making it a whole package and providing traders with a complete platform. That user-friendly platform is fast, efficient, and dependable for trading cryptocurrencies.

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