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Bitcoin [BTC] – LibertyX Expands Into Nevada and Arizona through a Partnership with Desert ATM

Through a partnership with Desert ATM, LibertyX will be expanding into the Arizona and Nevada region. It will be adding its software to 90 ATMs under Desert ATM to enable Bitcoin trading. LibertyX runs over 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs across 43 states in the US.

Now residents in the above two regions can initiate over $3,000 worth of Bitcoin transactions via their traditional ATMs per day. Per the press release, some of the new retail locations that crypto enthusiasts can visit to make their Bitcoin transactions via ATMs include Family Dollar stores, Chevron gas stations, ARCO, and AMPM.

Partnership to Enable Users to Purchase Bitcoin via Debit Cards

For Arizona and Nevada residents business will be as usual since the 250 ATMs under Desert ATM will continue to dispense fiat currency. The only change will be the addition of LibertyX software to the ATMs to enable crypto user’s to purchase Bitcoin via the ATMs. The 90 machines will be installed with LibertyX software to enable the above services. Through installing the software, Desert ATM won’t have to upgrade or change their ATM’s hardware.

“After downloading the Genmega software from their website, our work is cut short since we just have to install the latest software version in the ATMs and we are done.” Dan Laitala, owner of Desert ATM. “Although not all Genmega machines have LibertyX, for those that don’t, we just do some programming.”

Besides the above, LibertyX software won’t change the initial ATM procedures. Users will only have to choose their preferred Bitcoin wallet, download LibertyX app, set up an account, and after providing their Bitcoin address, they are done. The rest is done manually via a Genmega ATM loaded with LibertyX software. Through a LibertyX icon on the ATM screen, any crypto enthusiast can buy Bitcoin at any retail location with a Genmega manufactured ATM.

Through its simplicity, LibertyX software is helping fast track massive adoption of crypto by enabling users to have street access to Bitcoin enabled ATMs across the US. Apart from the ATMs, crypto traders can also buy Bitcoin from a kiosk or a cashier from LibertyX. Besides LibertyX, Coinsquare a Canadian exchange is also working on deploying a solution to enable trading of cryptocurrencies via ATMs.

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