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Bitcoin [BTC] Bitmain announces the specifications of its latest Antminer 17 series

Chinese-based Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain on Monday, April 8th introduced officially the specifications of its latest series of mining chips touted to be the most efficient yet from any rig manufacturer. Not only that but theoretically the figures show that they are the fastest chips in production mining both Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] currencies.

The new series of miners include the S17 and S17 Pro with a third series T17 scheduled to be announced much later. Pre-order for the S17 miners will be enabled on Tuesday, April 9th with shipping scheduled to begin between April 20th and 30th.

According to Bitmain’s Monday announcement, the S17 miners will be available in two variants for each of the series totaling four new miners from the giant rig manufacturer. The S17 Pro models include one 50 TH/s and another 53 TH/s model while the S17 comes in a 56 TH/s and a 53 TH/s models.

  • The S17 miners operate in two power consumption modes; a 45 joules per Tera hash (J/TH) normal mode and a lesser powered 42 J/TH low-power mode.
  • The S17 Pro model, in contrast, has three available modes as opposed to the S17. A turbo mode that enables the miner to consume power at the rate of 45 J/TH, a normal mode that allows power consumption at the rate of 39.5 J/TH and an even lesser powered mode of 36 J/TH.

The new series of miners include the S17 and S17 Pro

A few days ago, both Bitmain and Canaan, another mining equipment manufacturer announced that they were about to release their latest miners for the SHA-256 mining algorithm (the same that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use). At the time Bitmain did not disclose the specifications of its latest equipment.

Cannan, on the other hand, revealed that its new Avalonminer 10 would mine at the rate of 31TH/s which is now about 20 TH/s less than Bitmain’s miners. In terms of profitability, the real-time profitability tracking website Asicminervalue.com reveals that the higher-powered S17 Pro (53 TH/s) has the greatest profitability of all SHA-256 miners in existence. It manages to bring in $5.12 per day. The other S17 Pro model manages to bring in about $4.83 per day and the standard version S17 comes in third mining at profitability of $4.45 per day.

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Alexis Von Loh
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