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Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently revealed the figures corresponding to its reserves in various cryptocurrencies as part of its ongoing commitment to transparency in the market. These data provide a detailed overview of the current situation of customer net balances and Binance’s net reserves for several key digital currencies.

Starting with Bitcoin (BTC), users’ assets in the most significant cryptocurrency reach 575,852,891 BTC. This figure represents an increase of 2.65% compared to the previous month, equivalent to an additional 14,850 BTC. The reserve ratio for BTC stands at a robust 103.79%, indicating a strong and backed position.

In the case of Ethereum (ETH), Binance users hold a total of 4,002,782,994 ETH. This asset experienced a growth of 2.9% in the last month, with a reserve ratio for Ethereum at 106.56%.

The exchange’s native cryptocurrency, BNB, also demonstrates a similarly robust position. Users have 31,999,106.454 BNB, with a reserve ratio of 106.04%.

For stablecoins such as USDT and BUSD, the data reveals significant figures. Users hold a total of 16,855,152,494.241 USDT, with a reserve ratio of 123.20%. On the other hand, BUSD shows an even higher ratio, reaching 167.91%, with users holding 259,864,509,361 BUSD.

binance reserves report

Other digital assets, such as Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP), also present solid figures. Binance users have 5,757,036.348 LTC, with a reserve ratio of 100.77%. In the case of XRP, users hold 2,743,502,067,169 XRP, with a reserve ratio of 104.26%.

Regarding Solana (SOL), users possess a total of 27,781,181.497 SOL, with a reserve ratio of 101.27%. This indicates a strong position, backed by Binance’s net reserves, amounting to 28,133,165.845 SOL.

Finally, Arbitrum (ARB), with users holding a total of 311,198,687,281 ARB and a reserve ratio of 100.64%. Binance’s net reserves in Arbitrum stand at 313,180,954,893 ARB.

Where Does Binance’s Report Point?

These data, provided by the exchange, reflect the strength and stability of the platform in terms of reserves and asset backing, crucial for maintaining user confidence in the cryptocurrency market. Binance continues to set the standard for transparency and security in the industry. One of the primary goals behind this display of strength is to provide security to users, especially in the aftermath of the community’s loss of trust in exchanges following the collapse of FTX. For this reason, many companies have decided to regularly release these reports to ensure a positive image with their users and provide them with peace of mind.


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