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Binance Academy reached the third most popular service in Product Hunt

Adoption and popularity of Binance Academy are on the rise. Binance Academy is the educational portal for leading cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour adjusted trade volume.

On the 18th, February, Binance Academy became the third most popular product/service listed on the Y Combinator-backed exposure platform Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a startup website launched back in 2013 that allows its users to upvote and downvote platforms, apps or services which they find useful.

Binance’s educational portal is the most popular crypto-related service on the platform with Robinhood’s trading tool and passive income generator Earn.com making the rankings as well.

Binance launched its education platform back in December 2018 to positive reception across the cryptocurrency industry. Binance academy offers information and knowledge packages on all topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Binance Academy provides information and general knowledge

Blockchain is a fascinating topic that has attracted technology enthusiasts and investment speculators alike. However, as an emerging technology, there is a general lack of educational material and insights to help any newcomers to the scene. As described by Binance’s chief growth officer Ted Lin,

“Education is the integral pillar to proliferating crypto and blockchain usage, … and with Binance Academy, our goal is to provide an entirely neutral platform with quality, unbiased, educational information.”

Binance Academy provides information and general knowledge in the diverse field of blockchain categorized into four divisions: Blockchain, Economics, Security and Tutorials.

The packages offered range from introductory courses for beginners to more advanced and technical topics, especially on the subject of blockchain security cryptography, such as the attack vulnerability of 51% of Proof of Stake coins.

The economics section is more varied and could be easily the most detailed section covering topics from money to token metrics, ICO details and the economics of cryptocurrencies. The regulatory and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies are also listed in this section.

Binance has become popular not just because of its exchange platform but due to the fact that over the past several months the platform has focused on a marketing campaign dubbed #BUIDL. The campaign shows that the leading exchange is focused on building and launching products and taking cryptocurrency mainstream.

The #BUIDL campaign has become rather successful as Binance as launched several products in the past year despite the general cryptocurrency space undergoing a bear market. Over the past 15 or so months, Binance has launched the Binance Launchpad, Binance Uganda, Binance Jersey, Binance Labs, Binance Research and the Binance Academy.

In the next few days, the decentralized exchange of Binance will be launched in test network and will allow users to participate for the first time with the blockchain proposed by Binance.

Alexis Von Loh
Alexis Von Loh
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