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Binance Academy: The New Platform to Learn More about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform volume wise, has launched a new platform that aims to help new users become more familiar with not only cryptocurrency but also the blockchain technology.

This move will be set to action by the help of Binance Academy, the company’s education platform, to help users get more familiar with the technology. Binance Academy features a wide range of explainer pieces and is available in 15 different languages including French, German, Spanish Russian and Chinese. On this platform you’ll fine over 450 videos and articles with information on important concepts such as, “History of Blockchain’’ and “Mining’’.

The academy is currently divided into four major categories:

  • Blockchain
  • Economy
  • Security
  • Tutorials

It also has a separate glossary segment for those who want to catch up on the most common terms used in the crypto space.

The digital exchange platform aims to attract new investors who usually turn to YouTube or other educational platforms on the internet. Another good thing is that the platform also has a page where first time visitors can suggest topics for future explainers.

Binance and the Blockchain Technology

Binance and the Blockchain Technology

With the rate at which cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, Binance is right to want to remain the largest exchange platform in the market. The company is continuously trying to push forward in the crypto space.

Mid this year the company launched a $1 billion fund to support the growth of startup companies in the industry. The Academy is Binance’s latest launch in the series projects happening day by day on the platform.

The Academy is a non-profit, and therefore it is more likely to attract new investors to its digital coins exchange platform.

Every time a new investor wants to join the crypto ecosystem, the first advice they get is that they should invest a very small percentage of assets, -assets that they are willing to lose in case things don’t go as anticipated.

This new service on Binance will not just stand as a marketing strategy but will help educate users and investors about the basic tenets of the technology.

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