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Are there gender factors in the success of cryptography?

There is no doubt that the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is beginning to change several paradigms as its adoption becomes more latent and extensive. However, many are those who still do not understand the potential of cryptocurrencies, and their underlying technology, so that this barrier of lack of knowledge plays against a massive adoption of them.

Cryptography requires continuing to be adopted by people to make it a frequently used resource on a daily basis, but in order to achieve this massive adoption it is necessary to understand what factors may be influencing that does not yet happen at all. One of those factors could be the gender of the users that make use and life in the cryptographic spectrum.

women minority in cryptography

If something is attracting attention, it is the limited number of women involved in the cryptographic spectrum in general. More than talking about a limited number of women that is observed not only at the level of investors and cryptocurrency holders, but also at the level of innovators and developers in the blockchain area, it is an overwhelmingly male presence in all areas of cryptography . Why is this happening?

In demographic terms, women are approximately half of the world’s population, and if as a genre they resort to using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, the massification of these would be an indisputable reality, making cryptography a resource for day-to-day solutions of the people.

Recall that the fundamental mission of bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies is to be a method of exchange of value between peers to allow people to move freely outside the systems of central governments and existing financial systems, without their limitations.

However, we observe that this use is still in the process of being an everyday reality, and from that perspective, success as a method of exchange of value of the virtual currencies is perhaps not being achieved.

Naturally, the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies means that the daily purchases of people can be carried out through the exchange of cryptocurrency, with the same fluidity as if it were fiduciary money. Let’s see it in a pragmatic way; women make about 70 to 80% of all purchases of everyday consumers worldwide. If they adopted cryptography as a daily method of payment, the multiplier effect would undoubtedly be overwhelming, and cryptocurrencies would soon surpass fiduciary money in many fields.

From the influence on purchasing decisions, to the payment method, women are the population that has the most influence in terms of everyday retail markets. They are the undisputed leaders of the retail and day-to-day markets, and for cryptocurrencies to find and establish their place in retail, there must be a demand for their use and acceptance before merchants, where the prevailing desire to pay with cryptocurrencies. This for the success of the massification of cryptography, is one of the crucial elements as well. And if it is possible for women to become more familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, it will soon be the case that this overcrowding in the use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies begins to cover the retail markets of the entire world.


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