Aragon Client, the DAO-focused Project, is Now Deployed on Polygon

Aragon Client, the DAO-focused Project, is Now Deployed on Polygon
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Polygon announced the addition of another Ethereum project in its network: Aragon Client. It brings DAO creation and management to Polygon. Aragon has decided to launch on Polygon because the team believes Ethereum isn’t capable enough anymore to support the fast growth of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs).

Polygon not only supports the growth speed of these protocols but also offers multi-chain support that surely helps them support more users.

More Projects Coming to Polygon

Lots of projects that have launched their initial version on Ethereum are considering the launch on Polygon. This scaling solution has attracted many developers and end-users because of its scalability and multi-chain support.

Big DeFi projects are launching their independent versions on Polygon next to numerous new projects that prefer being the first on this network. Aragon Client is the latest project to launch a platform on Polygon to bring DAO creation and management to this ecosystem.

Aragon team believes the multi-chain support will help this project grow faster and attract more users. Building a network of decentralized autonomous organizations that create a digital framework is easier and cheaper on Polygon.

According to the announcement by Polygon, building on this network cuts the cost from $500 on Ethereum to about $0.1. This reduction happens in the cost of management and voting for the DAOs on Aragon.

Besides, transaction speeds and user experiences for Aragon users will be better on Polygon scaling solution. The launch of Aragon on Polygon brings many benefits for the DAO launchers. They can now deploy fast and efficient DAOs directly on Polygon with a considerable scaling opportunity. Near-zero fees help them attract more users for governance, too.

Aragon and Polygon teams have shared views regarding an open, borderless world. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon, said:

“Ethereum has become the default blockchain for supporting the burgeoning DeFi economy that enables anyone, including the unbanked, to access key financial services like savings, lending, and insurance. But, Ethereum was not designed for DeFi, which is why we built Polygon — to provide a solution to Ethereum’s scalability.”

Polygon community has focused on full decentralization from the start. They encourage projects that focus on decentralization in all aspects and partner with them in deploying and attracting users. With the addition of Aragon, Polygon’s ambitious plans for full decentralization become more accessible. Deploying fast and efficient DAOs on Polygon surely attracts more issuers and developers for launching decentralized applications.


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