AI-Powered Crypto Exchange Bibox Integrates With Ethereum-Based MetaMask Wallet

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Bibox, an artificial intelligence (AI)-rich crypto exchange based in Estonia, has integrated popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask to its platform enable instant withdrawal and deposit between the Bibox account and the wallet.

Bibox announced the news in a blog post on Saturday, July 18th. According to the announcement, the integration with MetaMask aims to make funds’ transfer safer and simpler. Users require to connect with MetaMask only once, and they will be able to transfer funds in and out of the exchange with few simple clicks.

To connect the MetaMask wallet with their accounts, users should go to the deposit page on Bibox and then select ERC-20 tokens. The MetaMask icon will appear. Then it only requires an amount and password to connect Bibox with MetaMask.

Bibox said:

“The integration between decentralized wallet — MetaMask and centralized exchange — Bibox, is giving ordinary users and DeFi participants great convenience. Bibox users will take advantage of the benefits of DeFi while trading.”


MetaMask is an Ethereum web wallet and dApp browser. The wallet is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app to over 1.3 million users worldwide. It is the leading gateway for most users to interact with Ethereum-based decentralized applications via its browser extension, which is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. The MetaMask browser extension has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and provides essential tools for exploring the world of blockchain, decentralized apps, and digital assets.

But the journey for the MetaMask is not as smooth as it looks. As Crypto Economy reported, in December of 2019, Google suspended Metamask browser’s Android client from Google Play Store citing violation of Google’s financial services policy. Google alleged that MetaMask was mining services through its mobile application.

The initial appeal to Google was rejected, but the wallet was able to celebrate the new year eve as its Android application was relisted on Google Play Store on January 1st.

Bibox, founded in November 2017, is an AI-enhanced cryptocurrency exchange that occupies the top 10th spot in the most liquid digital assets exchange platform in the world. The exchange currently offers the best-in-class crypto trading, perpetual contract trading experience, crypto asset management services to its more than 2 million global users.

When contacted, a spokesman said:

“As DeFi application and DEX are popular these days, more users are getting used to deposit and trade through a web3 wallet directly. To support the demands of decentralization, we enable MetaMask, so our customers can trade across DEX and CEX easier.”

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