Aethir’s New Cloud Computing Network on Ethereum Boosts ATH Token by 80% Post-Launch

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  • Aethir launches its cloud computing platform on the Ethereum mainnet, offering new options to access decentralized computing resources.
  • Its native token, ATH, experiences a 100% increase in just two hours since its launch.
  • The platform provides a decentralized solution for renting high-performance computing resources.

Aethir, a decentralized public infrastructure network (DePIN), has caused a stir with the launch of its cloud computing platform on the Ethereum mainnet. The launch opens new avenues for users to access decentralized cloud computing resources.

Along with the mainnet launch comes the introduction of Aethir’s native token, ATH, which has surged 100% just two hours since its debut. According to CoinGecko data, the current value of ATH is $0.07622, with a market capitalization of around $298 million.

Aethir’s platform offers a decentralized solution for renting high-performance computing resources, catering to various needs such as AI training and digital content rendering. Built on Ethereum, ATH serves as the native token powering the ecosystem, facilitating staking and enabling fast payments through Arbitrum. Additionally, ATH plays a vital role in governance and security within the network.

Aethir Comes to Meet the Demand for Scalable Computing Solutions

The platform has consolidated an impressive user base, surpassing 500,000 during its testnet phase. The growth reflects the demand for decentralized cloud computing solutions and is a testament to users’ confidence in the platform. It is worth noting that the network has received significant backing from industry leaders such as NVIDIA and HPE, reinforcing its credibility and adoption potential.


In line with its commitment to decentralization and community participation, Aethir has introduced a staking program that allows users to contribute to the expansion of its distributed GPU network. This initiative enables users to secure the network and also offers rewards through inaugural staking pools like ATH Gaming and ATH AI. By engaging users in this way, Aethir aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem.

The platform aims to take the next step in the evolution of decentralized cloud computing. The demand for scalable and efficient computing solutions continues to grow, and this network is well-positioned to play a crucial role in meeting these needs.


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