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Aeternity Universe One conference will be held on Sep 20-21 2019 at Paralelni Polis- Prague, Bohemia

The first major Aeternity ecosystem event is going to be held on September 20-21 at Prague, Bohemia. Over 500 hundred blockchain developers, researchers, entrepreneurs will be the attendees of this conference. This will be a meeting of the top brains from the cryptocurrency world and they will discuss different problems regarding Aeternity community.

The Aeternity Universe conference will conduct workshops on the topics of:

  • How and why to run an Aeternity node.
  • How to mine Aeternity tokens
  • How to develop Sophia smart contracts for beginners and advanced users.

Sponsored by Aeternity Crypto Foundation is scheduled to take place on the venue of Paralelni Polis, a famous location for Hackers Congress and Institute of Crypto anarchy. This conference is presenting a unique opportunity to meet with the officials and developers behind its technology. More big announcements are expected during the conference.

The conference will discuss two major niche – latest research and development in the Blockchain space and Aeternity, and real-world applications of scalable, open blockchain platforms.

Aeternity Crypto Foundation

The Aeternity apps will be presented on the first day of the conference. The agenda of the conference will focus on filling the gap between what businesses need and what blockchain technology can offer for businesses. You can consult Aeternity website to learn about speaker and proceedings of the conference and can get the latest updates.

Those want to use the entrepreneurial potential of Aeternity will have a chance to meet the teams of experts working for Aeternity ecosystem. Spanning 2 days, there will be 2 tracks, entrepreneur and developers tracks conducting side by side.

The Aeternity Crypto Foundation is organizing this event in a community-oriented approach. The attendees of Aeternity universal conference will be able to get vital information about the business side and the development side of the Aeternity platform.

A hackathon will be organized before a week from the conference. This will allow anyone to develop and propose Aeternity apps that will use unique technology stack of Aeternity.

During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to use a mobile Aeternity app powered by Aeternity state channel technology. This app will allow participants to purchase various items at the conference with zero cost and also in real-time.

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