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Aeternity opens new charities in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein

Aeternity has made a strong statement of intent for those with a passion for blockchain innovation as it introduced new Aeternity foundations in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein, aimed at providing financial and educational assistance to budding blockchain projects. The two foundations will focus on two different geographical regions. The Bulgaria-based foundation will be operating within Balkan region whereas the Liechtenstein-based foundation will be operating on a wider international basis. The foundation is currently accepting applications from a wide range of players including individuals, groups and not-for-profit organizations and other projects. The new development is expected to power the Aeternity blockchain by enhancing its ecosystem which may in turn go a long way in raising the blockchain up the popularity and mainstream adoption radar.

To foster further blockchain technology development, mathematics and cryptography, the Liechtenstein-based foundation has allocated grants amounting to 1 million CHF towards blockchain projects showing the most promising potential in terms of exploring and reinforcing the overall advantages blockhain technology. The program is expected to grow in terms of scope and resources depending on overall progress in time.

Peter Schnurer, one of the board members in the current Aeternity foundation based in Liechtenstein, expressed his high regard by highlighting the expected fruits of the foundation:

“The Foundation will offer research support, the driving force behind advancements in the industry, as well as assisting smart, unconventional thinkers as they explore this technology and we encourage all blockchain innovators to submit an application. It will also help startups expand the potential of their creative work in a collaborative, dynamic environment. We are committed to driving blockchain innovation by supporting a broad spectrum of the blockchain ecosystem and look forward to a variety of applications from disruptive projects in the space.”

On the other hand, the Bulgaria-based foundation is geared towards establishing partnerships with various tertiary educational institutions in the Balkan region. Highlights of the partnerships include providing scholarships which will allow those with interest and passion in blockchain technology the opportunity to acquire recognized qualifications from leading institutions. Nikola Stojanow, the board chairman of Aeternity Bulgaria hailed the development in the following words:

“I look forward to fostering the potential of these extraordinary talents by tapping into the knowledge of researchers from the area’s leading institutions and their world-changing ideas and revolutionary projects.”

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