According to the Weiss agency and Koinex exchange Tron [TRX] would be currently the most popular cryptocurrency

Tron [TRX] already has a total of 545 dApps adding 24 new dApps this week
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Koinex is the most recent company to locate Tron (TRX) in the number one position, in addition to the Weiss agency, which was launched not so long ago. In both cases, they are attributing the success of Tron (TRX) to the launch of their TRX token, which caught the eye of crypto enthusiasts from the start.

Koinex said:

“Basing on data from our crypto converter Express we are pleased to announce that Tron (TRX) has taken the number one position as the most trending digital coin on Express and is now the most popular coin. Express is our instant virtual currency converter that switches more than 200 pairs without charging any fees.”

The Tron platform took even more momentum when it launched BitTorrent (BTT) in February. During the launch, the platform distributed free coins to users in the form of airdrops that were credited to the accounts of users who owned TRX. The February airdrop came before Koinex published its Tron (TRX) ratings among the top ten currencies. According to the Tron CEO’s announcement, Tron enthusiasts have more on the way, in total, the platform will launch 999,000,000 MTB to users on its platform before March 11, 2019.

Other Developments

The Tron network has experienced several key developments that are attracting more users to create accounts on the Tron (TRX) platform. Justin Sun announced a major update to the platform. Through a hardfork, the platform will obtain new features such as institutional management capacity, multi-signature and account management options. In addition to all the above, Sun’s effort to promote the Tron platform has acted in favor of the platform and has led to its current popularity status. Many are the ones that hope that these developments, among others, will lead Tron (TRX) to maintain its upward trend.


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